Motivational Speaker for young women / girls – Nikki Pilkington

“Motivating” “Empowering” “Fascinating”

As the goverment tells us that more and more women and girls are feeling that they can’t do as well in business as men, Nikki’s motivational ‘I did it, so can you’ is a great subject for any exhibition / conference / summit.

Nikki was:

  • abandoned by her birth mother at just 18 months old
  • brought up by grandparents in a Yorkshire council house
  • part of a step family aged 4
  • a pretty difficult child 🙂
  • in care by the age of 14
  • pregnant at 18
  • married at 19
  • divorced at 21

Not the ideal start for a woman starting in business; but a sense of determination and the harsh words of others made her strive to put her own stamp on life, starting her first business from a council house as a single parent with no driving license, and rapidly becoming one of the most well know UK Internet Marketing experts around.

This 1.5 hour talk culminates in a 45 minute question and answer session and aims to leave the audience empowered, eager and ready to go!

Perfect for end of year assemblies, young person seminars, business events and more, Nikki only does one of thse a month and they’re being booked rapidly.

Take advantage of new pricing for 2012 and book this talk for just £300 plus travel expenses now by emailing Nikki on or contacting her on Twitter @nikkipilkington

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