Will I be penalised if my articles are republished on other sites as duplicate content?

Mirror imageWe get asked this a lot – when people look into our Article Marketing services, one of the first questions they ask is “But won’t I be penalised for having duplicate content online?”

The simple answer is no. The web thrives on the sharing of information, and duplicate content is a part of this.

I was going to write  huge post about the different types of duplicate content, and then I noticed in my Twitter stream a message from @clairejarrett, pointing to this post from High Ranking.

As it says:

If your own bylined articles are getting published elsewhere, that’s a good thing. You don’t need to provide a different version to other sites or not allow them to be republished at all. The more sites that host your article, the more chances you have to build your credibility as well as to gain links back to your site through a short bio at the end of the article. In many cases, Google doesn’t even filter out duplicate articles in searches, but even if they eventually show only one version, it’s still okay.

It’s a well thought out article, and I agree with every word, so rather than reinventing the wheel over here, I’m urging you to go and read it over there.

Creative Commons License photo credit: where are the joneses

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  1. A different issue David – that article is talking about having duplicate content on YOUR OWN site, s opposed to syndicated or duplicate content on other sites. But thanks for sharing – I hadn’t seen it when it was published last year.

  2. Yes, I knew that when I shared it.


  3. And why would you be penalized for something that you wrote? It's not like you were the one who 'stole' it.

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