Why you should have 2 blog titles for most blogs you write

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In the past few weeks, more and more of my mentoring clients want to talk about blogging, and in particular how to get more people to read their blogs.

“I’m Tweeting and Facebooking my blogs like mad, but I still only get a handful of readers, and that peters out after a few days”, one client said on the phone to me last week. And others are saying similar things.

It’s then that I ask the question: “How many visits do you get from the search engines to your blogs?” and the answer is invariably “Not many”.

But written well, a blog can be a traffic generator for months and even years.

See, it’s easy to think up a catchy headline for a blog, one that you just KNOW will have people who ‘follow’ or ‘like’ you clicking like mad. But you need to reach more people than just those who already know who you are.

What about the people searching on Google for the solution to a problem? Looking for a source of information? Perhaps looking for the exact thing your blog is written about, and in need of your services / products? They don’t know you from Adam, and they don’t follow you on Twitter or Facebook, but they’re your ideal customer. How are you going to reach those people?

In order to appear in (decent) results on Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc, you need to think about what people are searching for. And write your blog title accordingly.

“Oh but that means a really dull and obviously written title for search engines, and my blog is more creative than that”, said another client last week.

And I see her point – you don’t spend ages crafting a fantastic headline only to have to stuff it full of keywords so that it appeals to a search engine.

And that’s where an SEO plugin comes in handy.

Most SEO plugins for WordPress (we use All in One SEO) allow you to craft TWO titles for your blog posts. One of those titles will appear as the headline of the blog, so you can be as witty and clever as you like without worrying about those pesky search engines.

The OTHER title is one that appears at the top of the browser, and the one that Google will take into account when deciding where to put you in the results.

So, as an example, this blog is called “Why you should have 2 blog titles for most blogs you write” – that’s the title that will be Tweeted out, put on Facebook, show up in the blog listings etc.


However, the SEO title, as you will see from the top of the browser, is “How can I get my blogs to show up in Google? Two titles!”


That’s because I know that no-one is searching for ‘2 blog titles’ but I know that people are searching for ‘how do i get my blogs to show up in google’ and variations thereof. I could have made my SEO title “SEO for blogging – how 2 titles will help” or “Getting blogs into search engines – use 2 titles” – get the picture?

So when writing your next blog, think about the people who AREN’T following you, don’t know who you are, but are out there looking for the solution you provide. Write 2 blog titles for every post and let me know how you get on!

(As an aside, because I write a lot of my blog posts in response to questions, the titles I write tend to do OK in Google, so I don’t always have 2 titles – you may be the same, in which case, carry on 🙂 )

** UPDATE ** This blog post is now on the front page of Google results for the search “get my blogs to show in google” and “How can I get my blogs to show up in Google?


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  1. Great post Nikki and answers a question I didn’t realise I had! I totally agree with this – one of my visited blog posts is about bidding on your competitors names in your AdWords adverts, I get a lot of traffic for things like “bidding on competitor names”, “adwords bid on competitor names” etc

  2. Interesting post Nikki, and as I’m doing a lot of wordpress blogging at the moment, very timely. But how come, in my browser, I see ‘Why you should have 2 blog titles for most blogs you write’? (Firefox 3.6.13)

  3. Hi Nikki,
    This is a plugin that I’ve been using for a while. I use it in conjunction with the Scribe plugin that I subscribe to. It helps me with the whole SEO writing thing. Do you have any experience of Scribe and what do you think of it?


  4. Calum Covell says:

    SEO 101 – Keywords in Title Tags help with rankings!

  5. I’ve been using this plug-in but am still trying to fully understand how to use it most effectively. Thanks so much for sharing this info!! I’ve already updated the ‘title’ field for all of my scheduled posts according to your advice.

  6. Great practical advice! First time I have seen a logic behind having the option of an alternative title. I will try this in my next several posts. Thanks!

  7. good post here Nikki – and will definitely take it on board. I’ve now been recommended that I use WordPress SEO rather than All in One SEO as it does much more than all in one SEO.

  8. Ooh, hadn’t thought of that! Nice tip, thanks Nikki. Will go back and recraft my SEO settings for each blog post now.

  9. Hi Nikki, I think this goes back to the old marketing adaje of think of benefits not features. So think of blog titles in the contect of what problem will my readers be having and what will they be searching for to solve that problem?

    With your example above, “use 2 titles” is a feature, “getting into search engines” is the benefit. I am willing to bet that getting into search engines beats “use 2 titles” as far as relevant searches are concerned.

    I think Aaron Wall mentioned back in 2004 that SEO will become more like real world marketing and PR, and it certainly feels that way. Your content creators and social media agents need to have a good grasp of marketing.


  1. […] title’ in your SEO plugin if you have one.  I love this great blog post on using two titles to improve your SEO and I am religious about using this feature (don’t know where to put this information?  […]

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