Why Twitter and Social Media is great for small businesses

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@garygorman and I did a telephone interview many many months ago talking about Twitter, Social Media and small businesses. For many reasons, it got shelved for a while, but I contacted Gary recently to see if I could listen to it.

I thought it would be hopelessly out of date and have no relevance at all, but upon listening to it last night I was amazed by how relevant it still is.

If you’re a small business wondering if Twitter and Social Media Marketing is for you, or a business using Twitter and Social Media and wanting to know if there’s anything else you could be doing, give it a listen.

As always, feedback is welcome 🙂

Click here to listen to the audio

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  1. Really enjoyed interviewing you Nikki.

    As you say , for various reasons, this was put to one side but really glad you prompted me to dust it off.

    Amazing how relevant this still is and I’m sure the listeners will find it really useful.

    Thanks again x

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