Who’s in charge of your Facebook business page?

It seems like a no-brainer, right? Obviously YOU’RE in charge of your Facebook Business Page… aren’t you?

But it’s not that simple. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Have you ever outsourced your Facebook Business Page updates to someone else?
  • Did an employee who has now left ever do the updates?
  • Was the page set up for you by someone else?

You see, I manage over 50 Facebook pages for current clients, and in my time have managed over 50 for clients who have then gone on to take the management on themselves, once they understood the principles.

Yet, looking through my Page Management list last night, I see that of the pages I am currently admin for, 15 or so are ex clients.

What I’m saying is that I have admin rights on 15 sites that I really shouldn’t have. I could post anything I like to those pages, and it would seem as if it’s coming from the page owners.

Of course, *I* wouldn’t do that, and over the next couple of days I’ll be removing myself as admin on those pages.

But would a disgruntled ex employee or a sacked contractor be so magnanimous (for want of a better word)?

Remember, everything posted from your page looks as if it comes from you, whether it does or not.

Add in to that simple human error – maybe your page is still listed in their Hootsuite or Buffer account and they post to your page by accident – and it could be a PR minefield.

I’d advise all Facebook Business Page owners to take a few minutes to see who is admin on their pages and remove anyone who shouldn’t be there right now.

How do I find out who is admin on my Facebook Business Page?

First, navigate to your page and click on the ‘Edit Page’ button:

1From the drop down box choose ‘Edit Admin Roles’

This will give you a list of people who are admin – now on my page it’s just me:

2If your page has more than just you, and that shouldn’t be the case, then you need to remove the others.

How do I remove admins that shouldn’t be there?

Using a page I should no longer be admin on, I’m going to sho you how to remove admins 🙂

From the ‘edit admin roles’ link, I get this (I’ve removed identifying features of the page to protect the innocent 😉 :

3See that X to the right of my name? If I click on that, and press ‘save’ (bottom left) there will then be a pop up box asking me to confirm my password:


Once your password is in and confirmed, the admin (or manager) you want removed will be gone. It’s that simple!

So, take a few minutes today to find out just how secure your Facebook Business Page is!

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  1. Good point Nikki – will go and check my pages now! Thanks for the tips.
    Suzan St Maur recently posted..You’ll never wonder what to blog about again…My Profile

  2. Antanas Rekstys says:

    Hi Nikki,

    I’m having a related problem. We’ve just took over SEO and SMM for a major city law firm. The previous company who managed it created the Facebook page and will not respond to our requests for a transfer. I saw people try to contact FB help, but to no avail.

    My question is this. Because the FB page uses our clients’ logo, address, and other copyrighted materials, are they lawfully allowed to ignore our request to relinquish control or to remove the account all together?

    I’m going to reach out to them now and see what happens.

  3. Hi Antanas, my apologies, your reply had been filed in ‘spam’ and I only just saw it – did you get the problem resolved?

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