Where has my Facebook Business Page gone?

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That’s the cry around the web this morning as Facebook seems to have somehow lost a large proportion of Business Pages over night. Not the best news to wake up to, especially when checking on mine and a few of my clients’ pages, they have indeed gone AWOL.

Even more interesting is that some people can see their pages on their phone apps, but not on the web.

To add to the confusion, some people can see some pages, when others can’t see them at all and just get a ‘oops not found’ message.

What’s going on Facebook? First the changes to the pages, then messing up the chronological order of things, and now losing my page altogether – can I have it back please?

If your page has disappeared, try posting on the Facebook Pages Business Page (which of course is still there!) – the more of us that post, the more likely someone is to listen. I’ve also emailed support, but I won’t be holding my breath on that one.

Luckily my website, blog and Twitter page are still there – another great reminder that it’s better to spread your marketing than put all your eggs in one basket πŸ™‚

Is your page still there? Let me know with a link in the comments below and I’ll check it out to see if I can see it too!

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  1. Mine’s still there – well, I can see it at least!


  2. Mine is alive, fingers crossed for you all that have yours down, that they have a DB backup and they will be online again soon!

  3. Yep I can see yours Angela

  4. Can see yours too Kip

  5. Oh dear. Perhaps they’ve all trotted off to a Facebook Fan Page Party

  6. Can you see what it is now? (Said in a Rolf Harris voice) http://www.facebook.com/ValenciaProperty

  7. Yep yours is fine for me too Graham

  8. All of ours seem unaffected, which is good, but thanks for the heads up!

    As you say – this just re-inforces that you always need to think “what if?” with your marketing – especially online. What if Facebook kick you out? What if you lost your great google ranking? What if Twitter wasn’t “hip” any more?

    If any one of these would shut you down before you have time to address the damage – you need to make some changes! πŸ™‚

  9. Mine’s there http://www.facebook.com/angelikasgerman but trying to get into yours just gives me the ‘eggtimer’

  10. Thanks for the heads up, definitely worth keeping an eye on… mine are still there so far…



    Fingers crossed for all those suffering! πŸ™

  11. Client’s one is still okay…at the moment!


  12. Only yours I can’t see Nikki, how annoying!

  13. that business page doesnt work for me either…im really upset i cant get anything on my laptop but can on my phone

  14. I cant get yours on

  15. no i cant see it

  16. My Facebook Page is also missing, Florida International University (Facebook.com/FloridaInternational). This is definitely fustrating. Please let me know if you were able to resolve the problem.


  17. Amrdavidzed says:

    I have access to my page, but no one is getting my recommendation to like my fan page. None of my dozens of invites will go out in the last 24 hours….

  18. My non-profit’s page is gone today – no warning or follow up info. I’d love any advice if anyone has had success getting pages restored! Looking for: http://www.facebook.com/internews

  19. my non-profit’s page is gone. what is going on? how do i get it restored?!

  20. Unfortunately, our company page is down this morning, too: http://www.facebook.com/laiinternational

  21. Mine still seems to be there – and I would appreciate Nikki (or anyone) having a look just in case it’s only there for me … Made a change to it today and all seemed to be working. It’s



  22. A poster on the Facebook pages forum noticed that many of the reported “down” pages include “intern” – as in international, or internet (like mine, http://www.facebook.com/internews). Seems true here too – that’s a trend that could mean something.


  23. Hi, I had Similar problem with my page (I wrote about it in the Facebook page) and now it is fixed. I see that your page is OK too.

    Thank you very much for writing this post and letting me and several others know that this is common problem.

  24. Mine appears to be back, and I can see everyone’s page from the comments here – phew!

  25. That industry page doesn’t work for me also…I’m actually distress I can’t acquire whatever thing on my laptop but can on my phone

  26. AntonyAdare says:

    My Facebook business page has gone missing. I can still open Facebook as an individual (Antony). But the business page “http://www.facebook.com/pages/Oznaturallife/210428642313618” has gone, including all the updates since March 2011 (over 30 updates). I paid to advertise my page in Facebook just in June! I’ve reported bug to Facebook but they are not answering at all!

  27. tim morin says:

    My facebook business page has gone missing, I went on facebook tonight and it is gone I was wondering what was going on. I see other people are having the same problem. I hope it gets fixed and I can get my page back.

  28. My Business Page has been gone for 48 hours now. Now a twist; I can’t see it using Safari on my Mac or with InternetExplorer on my PC but my partner can see it on his Samsung tablet (not cached) using IE. Any ideas?

  29. Michael D. Schulze says:

    One of our 4 BusinessPages is gone on Monday …. no way for communication, no reaction …. we are confused and angry about this way to treat people

  30. My Alpasounds page could not be administered for 2 month’s and now is gone.
    Last time i bought a add on facebook ;-(
    The bookmark is leading now to my personal page.

  31. Learn how to grow your business with Facebook’s powerful marketing tools.
    Yummy Hot recently posted..Top Ways To Profit Online CurrentlyMy Profile

  32. hey ,
    http://www.facebook.com/buyvotes – this was my page it was there for 1 second and on the other second it was GONE ….!! Now when i try to open my page it redirects me to my home page . i think someone have hacked my password and removed me from the admin . please please i want my page back as it was my business page ans my clients would be searching for me ,.
    can any1 check and tell me if its still there .!!!


    buy votes team

  33. My page just has disappeared 5 hours ago:

    I wrote to Facebook but I don’t think they will respond. What was the longest time your page has gone? Pls let me know. I hope it is a temp error…

  34. Just to let you know I had this problem and I solved it by sending a private message from my personal account to my business/page and afterward it re-appeared. Try it, hope it works for you too.

  35. For me, right now I can’t see the contents of my facebook page but if I log out, I can see them. I do not know what is wrong but I want to solve this.

  36. David From Oz says:

    try to log on and i constantly get a page of giibberish. even when replying to email requests to view my friends page.

    this is the wrong time of year for them to go to pieces – xmas new year, I WANT TO CONTACT MY FRIENDS – they send me mesages i can’t reply too. FACEBOOK, GET YOU SHIT TOGETHER NOW !!!!!

  37. My group pages are missing as well as my facebook page
    http://www.origamiowl.lulu neimeyer.independent designer

    How do I retrieve my tool bar as well? I cannot log off.

  38. http://www.facebook.com/origamiowl,lulu neimeyer,independent designer

    why is my tool bar missing?

  39. Mine seems to be missing

  40. Mine is gone! It’s an Opera Company page. How do I contact Facebook to ask what is going on?? Thanks!

  41. My contnot all sem to be gone

  42. Please check if my Facebook pag/s can be see.
    I have nothing once I ‘Converted’ to the Business
    Page and the Admin Desktop.
    I have lost three years of family, friends, photos, videos and char.
    I hate what Facebook is doing and becoming, a greedy, money sucking,
    privacy adulterating behemoth.
    I have recerted back to ICQ.

    ray.houghton is my Facebook handle.

  43. me too…Where’s the link to post it?

  44. My Facebook page has disappeared! How can I get it back?

  45. To whom it may concern πŸ™‚

    The facebook page of a client was gone today… After the panic and disappointment I read in this thread that maybe it is visible through mobile apps. Indeed we managed to see the page through the app and upload a test post. And voila!!! After the test post the page was back for everyone!!

    I hope this helps someone out there πŸ™‚

  46. My facebook is gone went to the business page couldnt get it either, went off this morning just mixed up words and cant sign in but I did get back on it at work this morning not at home on laptop help hate this

  47. I set up a business page on Tuesday, August 19th and when I went back to it today it was no longer there-just my picture and name of my company-what’ going on?

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