What You Need to Know about Cloud Computing that Could Help Your Business – A guest post by Henry Fitzgerald

Cloud Computing is a fairly new technology, but it’s experienced rapid growth. Pretty much any business can gain benefit from it. Free programs like Dropbox or Shutterfly provide simple solutions while cloud computing companies can provide a lot of support and structure. Luckily, many companies provide both dedicated server and cloud computing services. The benefits of dedicated servers have been supporting businesses for years. The power behind cloud computing is less well known, but its efficiencies can be a huge benefit to any business.

Here are some of its best benefits:

By storing your data on the Internet a user can access it wherever they have a connection. There is no more worrying about traveling with the appropriate content. It also makes it easier to share with clients. One can simply give them a link or password that they can use again and again as opposed to continually sending data through e-mail or hard mail.

When a company puts information on a cloud-computing program like Dropbox or SharePoint they control who has access to the information. In the past, privileged information has been handed out to employees with a death sentence. Once an employee has sensitive data stored on their computer the process of getting it back can get hairy. With an internet server, however, the administrator can change who has access to files with just a few clicks. This keeps important documents in one manageable place, not floating around on tons of different systems.

An inconvenient system crash can cripple a business. By storing information externally businesses no longer have to stress about suddenly losing everything. The information can be accessed from any computer, so one device is just as good as the next. This makes data storage more reliable as well as data transferring more efficient.

The days of filing cabinets are over. Storing information online saves paper but it also saves space and energy. Businesses no longer need an entire room for storing files. The energy spent copying, printing and storing files can be redirected. This makes cloud computing a valuable time and money saver.

Remote Working
One of the biggest benefits of Internet documents is that multiple people can view AND edit them at the same time. This replaces the need to make everyone stop what she or he is doing and come in for a meeting. As a result, collaborating across the office or across the world becomes equally simple.

Outsourcing work isn’t just for large-scale global manufactures. Take the possibility of remote working a step farther and cloud computing can make having freelance workers possible. Sending work outside your walls makes it so that you can reach the best deals in cheap service. Additionally, having employees that work from home can save money. You can have a small office space and cut the costs that having, 20 extra people using the water, lights, power etc. would expend.

Cloud computing, whether through free software, more complex systems or a server company, can be a huge help to businesses interested in increasing efficiency and saving a little money.

Henry Fitzgerald is a technology consultant based in Seattle. When not geeking out over the latest tech gadgets, he spends his time cooking, playing soccer, and sailing. Check out his tech blog here or follow him on twitter:@hfitzy34

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