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  1. {socially} useful article – thank you.

  2. Have sent this to everyone, Nikki, you are a star, and all is back to normality … thanks

  3. Thanks David 🙂

  4. Glad you’re sorted Lizz – it was your plea this morning that prompted me to put this info in one place! x

  5. It has happened to me 4 times now, unbelievable. Facebook connect was always giving me trouble and some of the reputable games available on facebook can also be used by members to promote dodgy link clicks.

  6. Thanks for this. A couple of my FB friends’ accounts were hacked over the weekend, and I was wondering what kind of prevention I could do, and post hack what I could do to set thing right. This is so good I’ll be passing it along.

    And Elio – ouch!

  7. my facebook and users name on facebook and gmail was hack i hate it i need my account back right know it is 25sunnyday@gmail.com you cant e-mail me i dont have any money to get the problem fixed it is not my fault at all help i dont know help dont e-mail me because i dont know the password to my gmail and facebook accounts help

  8. but what do i do if they have change my password on facebook and msn

  9. You’ll need to contact Facebook support Ben

  10. Recently I listed my e-mail address on a blog and began to get a lot of phishing emails I submit them to the phishtrackers web site this can help other people recognize the these scams.

  11. my FB and Hotmail have been jacked by an ex and she is makin my life hell as we speak, im a cumputer idiot and need step by step help that im not gettin off the facebook team 🙁 not good

  12. Costa Dan – can you not change your passwords?

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