Top 6 Reasons Why Web Video Is Becoming An Essential Internet Marketing Tool

The role of web video is becoming increasingly important to the marketing strategies of businesses and brands. The following article explores the top 6 reasons why web video is becoming such an essential Internet marketing tool and how it can benefit businesses and brands of all niches and sizes:

1. Web Video Is Popular
Web video today has become an integral part of the average browsing experience for most Internet users. Its online popularity has been documented by YuMe who reported that in February 2011 49% of Internet users were watching web video daily and on average for over 7 hours per person, per week. With YouTube’s video uploads, video views and users increasing seemingly every week, this
figure looks to only increase come 2012.

2. Web Video Can Generate High Conversion Rates
Video connects with its audience in ways plain text and pictures simply can’t. This unmatchable engagement is what makes web video a viable marketing strategy. By embedding a video on a web-page next to interactive links the likelihood of that content being clicked improves greatly. With an audience’s attention maintained via the use of video the content around the video will also receive
much more attention. This will help to generate more traffic to your desired location, resulting in an improved conversion rate.

3. Web Video Can Benefit Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Web video is rapidly becoming a key component in the search engine results battle. Video sites like YouTube often appear on page 1 of Google and such video sharing sites can also be optimized to benefit SEO. By creating video content, uploading it to video sharing sites and maximising their keyword potential through their Channel, descriptions, tags etc, businesses and brands can help to boost their position in the search engine rankings. Utilizing the facilities sites like YouTube offer you can begin to boost your page and domain authority simply by using web video content effectively.

4. Web Video Is Becoming Increasingly Affordable
Fantastic technological advances in the video production industry has meant that creating and producing web video content has never been more affordable. Competition within the industry keeps generating better and better equipment at cheaper prices and given video sharing sites like YouTube are completely free, the distribution of your quality web video content has never been easier. These advances have helped to make advertising to a wider audience more affordable and simpler than ever.

5. Web Video Is A Great Communication Tool
The engagement web video provides to its audience can not only create better conversion, but an overall better communication and understanding between business and client. Double Click reported that video ads increased brand awareness amongst viewers by 10% more than typical image/text advertisements. The report also addressed that viewers favoured the brands and businesses with web video content more than those without, because of the clear communication the videos could provide.

6. Web Video Can Be Used Offline Too
Web video doesn’t just have to stay on the Internet. Once you’ve created a video you can embed the file in to Power Point presentations, distribute it on DVDs or USB sticks for advertising or even training purposes and watch the content as many times as necessary. This makes web video content very flexible for the needs of any business or brand.


Andy Havard is a Marketing Executive at Skeleton Productions, a UK based web video production company.

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