Tip #40 – I won't do what you tell me

One of the most overused and pointless META tags around is the ‘revisit’ tag. Search engines don’t tend to adhere to it and it really serves no purpose.

If you could really tell Google to revisit and reindex your site every 2 days in this way, don’t you think everyone would be asking it to revisit every 2 seconds? (Side note, there is a way to ask Google to visit your site more often, and we’ll be exploring this in a future tip)

And even if you did ask Google to revisit every 2 days, and it did indeed do that – how many sites out there are updated that often anyway?

The key to getting any search engine to visit you more regularly is to keep your content fresh by adding things to your site on a regular basis. That way the search engines know that your site is growing organically and worth revisiting on a more regular basis.

Look at the source code of your site now (view –> page source in Firefox, view –> Source code in IE) and see if you can see a META revisit tag. If so, get rid of it (or ask your webmaster to).

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