The Importance of Credibility in the Blogging Community

Be real, practice transparency, and add some personality to your blog

A guest post by Caeden M MacGregor

Social Network Brand Credibility ScaleIf you’re trying to monetize your blog, or blogs, using affiliate campaigns, one of the most important things you need to consider is your blogging credibility. I know, if you’re just starting out you’re probably asking, “What credibility?” I did the same when I first started blogging. However, you’re already aware that blogging is a numbers game (traffic) and in order to build traffic and see a return on those affiliate campaigns you must establish yourself as a credible source in the blogging community. Let’s start with your niche…even in a niche you still have competition…some of which may have scammed many of the same target users that you are trying to persuade to your blog. And because the internet is overflowing with scams and poor quality website, gaining credibility as a blogger should be your number one concern—once you establish that the traffic and return on your affiliate campaign will come naturally.

Why is credibility so important for bloggers?

No sane internet shopper will purchase a product from a blogger that they don’t trust and have never heard tell of. To establish credibility, and the full shopping carts that come with it, you must first be seen as an expert in your niche. For example, if your blog is a health and fitness blog, you should have knowledge of personal training, be certified as a fitness instructor, or at least be an avid fitness enthusiast who has achieved admirable goals with their own personal fitness levels. Once your audience trusts that you know what you’re talking about—they will be more willing and trusting to buy from an expert. Makes sense doesn’t it?

How can you build credibility as a blogger?

Now that you understand why credibility is so important, the question is, “How can I build credibility as a blogger?” Establishing yourself as an expert in your niche is not a terribly difficult process, but it will take a lot of effort. It’s certainly not an overnight process. Realistically it can take anywhere from several months to years—depending on just how niche your blog topic.

The following 3 steps will help you establish credibility as a blogger:

1. Be real

How would you feel buying online from a faceless, nameless blogger with no contact information? If it were me, there is no way I’m punching in the credit card digits on your site. However, you can easily remedy the lack of personality on your blog by creating an “about” featuring some information about your expertise and achievements in your niche, maybe a humorous anecdote about you as a person, and include your contact details. Think of your “about” page as your blogger bio and be sure to include a real photo of yourself.

2. Practice transparency

That means be honest with your target audience because they can smell a rat. If you are making money from an affiliate campaign—tell them about it—but also note that you are providing honest, unbiased feedback on the products that you feature on your site. If you don’t like a product, be honest. If you like a product, tell them exactly what value the product has. And if you are selling products be sure to have used them yourself or have knowledge about them personally before marketing them on your website.

3. If you don’t know call on other credible sources

Partnering with another credible source will strengthen your credibility as a blogger. Think of it this way, if you are asked a question by a reader and don’t know the answer, bring in an expert in that field. You can feature an “expert interview” or even ask the professional to provide a “guest post” on the subject. This will not only show your readers that you are honest when you don’t know something, but still willing to go the distance to find out for them—it will also surround you by other experts and help you gain more knowledge about your niche topic.

About The Author

Caeden M MacGregor is a staff writer for Prestige Marketing, a Vancouver SEO company specializing in organic and paid search marketing. Caeden has written for numerous blogs on a variety of topics ranging from guest blogging to landing page optimization.

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