Recommended WordPress Plugin – Facebook 'Like' Button

Since Facebook announced that they were offering the functionality for website oweners to have 'Like' buttons on their non Facebook content, the race has been on to develop a plugin.

We've found two so far.

  • Facebook Like WordPress Plugin V1 (link goes directly to zip file) – this puts a Like button at the top or bottom of your posts (we've put it at the bottom( of ours as you can see). You can change the size and a few other options, which makes this one our favourite. You can find out more about this plugin on this blog post written by the creator.
  • Facebook Like Button Widget – this installs a widget that you can then place in your sidebars. It works well on some blogs but was too wide for our sidebars unfortunately and it can't be changed as far as I can tell.

So now Facebook members can 'Like' your content when they visit your website!

Let us know if you install either of these plugins so we can pop along and take a look!

Not sure how to install plugins? See our Guide to installing WordPress plugins.

Still unable to install? If you need help installing a WordPress plugin, please see our WordPress Plugin Installation Help service.

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