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This is an extract from the 30 Day Twitter Challenge by @NikkiPilkington

bufferAs we’ve said, Twitter search is constantly changing as more and more people Tweet, so staying on top indefinitely is pretty difficult.

With this in mind, let’s look at scheduling your promotional Tweets throughout the day / week.

Now, if you use Hootsuite or Tweetdeck, you can do this easily, but what I prefer to use is Buffer (that’s an aff link but I don’t make any money, just get brownie points!).

Buffer allows you to add Tweets to a kind of storage area, and have them Tweeted out at intervals, rather than bombarding followers with a series of 5 or 6 Tweets – we’ve all seen that happen and know how annoying it is.

You can set the times that your Tweets go out through buffer, and you can schedule to multiple accounts if you have more than one.

If you don’t Tweet much, then it’s best NOT to schedule all 5 of your promotional Tweets to go out on the same day – maybe one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

If you Tweet a lot, then you can get away with maybe 3, definitely no more than 4, promotional Tweets a day.

Set up your times in Buffer app, and set up your Tweets – Buffer will send them out at the times you’ve asked.

Similarly in Hootsuite and Tweetdeck, set them up for the week and forget about them.

Not only will they bring in traffic from your followers and increase awareness of what you do, they’ll enable you to be found in search and gain new followers and interest.

So, set up your Tweets for the next few days and you can forget about promotional Tweets and concentrate on the fun ones!

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Don’t flood your followers with Tweets – Start Buffering

This is a guest post from the @joelg87 at Buffer – I asked him to write it after trying Buffer for the first time. It’s a great application, and makes my life a lot easier when it comes to handling clients’ Twitter accounts. So much easier in fact that I’ve signed up to the paid version 🙂 (Please note all links have my affiliate ID in them – I don’t make money from this but it does let the guys know you signed up via me Nikki

Yes, this one thing I am was guilty as charged. There are so many great blogposts I am reading every day, that I used to hit the Tweet Button way too often in a short period of time. This would result in my followers being overwhelmed with way too much information than they could handle.

Not anymore I decided and for a few weeks I am using a new Twitter App very heavily, which ensures I avoid flooding my followers, yet lets me tweet consistently every day.

Have you had a similar problem yourself? Or could you simply do with a more consistent and sustainable tweeting pattern? Then please read on and hear the Buffer story.

How does Buffer work?

All you do with Buffer is you throw a few tweets into your Buffer whenever you want. In return the app posts these tweets well spread out over the day for you.

Buffer’s “Killer” Functionality

What really makes Buffer stand out for me is its functionality to add tweets from ANY page you are on. Give it 1 click on the Buffer icon via the right browser extension for you (Chrome, Firefox, Safari) and this is what happens for example with one of Nikki’s posts:

Perfect Timing of your Tweets

By default Buffer will send out your tweets at Peak Twitter times. Of course you can go back to your account at and change them to your needs. Add more timeslots or delete some.

Here are a few times:

How well did your Tweets do?

Another very handy feature is that analytics for all your Buffered tweets are displayed. Buffer will tell you about clicks, retweets and reach of your tweets. Here is a set of recent stats for my tweets.

How can Buffer help you?

With Buffer it will become super easy to tweet consistently every day, yet without overwhelming your followers with too much information.

Another thing that comes in very handy is that you can connect multiple Twitter accounts on the Pro version (5$/mo) so that one tweet can be posted for different accounts at different times.

What are your views on this nifty new App? Be sure to give it a go and let me know your views on it below.

Go to the Buffer site here.

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You should be using Tweetdeck if you want to make sense of Twitter!

Having spoken to lots of people about Twitter, I realise that the first impression most people get is of the Twitter website.

If they’ve spoken to someone like me, they’ll have probably looked at my Twitter page, realised how confusing it looks and gone away pretty quickly.

“I don’t get it” they say … “It’s all messy” they say…. “It makes no sense” they say – and do you know what? They’re right!

I don’t understand how anyone manages to cope with Twitter – especially if they ‘follow’ more than a handful of people.

But luckily for them (and for me!) there are various bits of kit out there that will help you make some sense of Twitter. Twitterfox, Twhirl and many others.

My tool of choice is Tweetdeck. I especially like the fact that they’re on Twitter themselves, and they listen to criticism as well as praise, and take feedback from their userbase.

Recently Thomas Power of asked me how I use Tweetdeck, and I’d like to share with you the answer I gave him. Hopefully it will help you to understand how much easier Twitter can be, how little time it needs to take, and how it can help business, social and research alike.

I use it in the same way I guess many people do – it allows me to put people into different groups / columns – so for example some people I follow for social reasons, some are industry experts and some are in a kind of ‘holding’ column which is people that look interesting but I haven’t decided whether to carry on following them yet. Then there’s the column that refreshes every so often and has a search for my name in it to see if people are talking about me wink

I have a column for a search too – the Twitter backup service I own along with @alfaguru

A DM column makes sure that I don’t miss a DM – I like the fact that Twitter emails me my DMs, but it’s a pain that I can’t reply to them by replying to the email.

From Tweetdeck I can shorten a URL via various services, post a 12 second video (although I never do) and post pictures via Twitpics.

The Twitscoop button allows me to see trends.

Tweetdeck basically allows me to organise my Twitter ‘life’ – I think the reason that a lot of people don’t ‘get’ Twitter is because they’re trying to make it work for them by only using the website – if you follow people who Tweet a lot then that’s quite difficult. (Not everyone grew up with IRC and non threaded chat rooms!)

So that’s how I use Tweetdeck – if you want to know more about Tweetdeck, there is a great video here — How to use Tweetdeck

And here are some other bits I’ve written about Twitter:

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