Do recruiters even know what Klout IS?

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It was claimed recently by a ‘guru’ apparently in the know, that all recruiters would be using Klout shortly to decide if you would even get an interview when looking for a job.

Now, not really being one to listen to self proclaimed gurus, and being of an inquisitive (and some say cynical) nature, I decided to look into this more.

First stop was a quick email to the UK Head of Recruitment for a well known Social Media network. Did she take Klout scores into consideration when shortlisting interviewers?

“You must be f***ing joking” was her short but succinct reply.

I asked for some help from my network – were recruiters really using something as easily gamed as Klout in their hiring process? Various responses came in:

US based recruiter @barryfurby came back with a fairly short response: “I’d say it’s crap”. A couple of follow up emails and he wrote his own blog on the subject: Does your CV have Klout?

Social Media Company owner @BWOps went a step further: “I had some one apply for a job and push their Klout, and I told them that it was the least impressive thing they could do. Assuming you believe in Klout,if your klout is High, why are you applying for a job, and if it is low why would I hire you.”

Another email in from the head of recruitment at a well known US based company: “I must confess I have never heard of Klout I am afraid. I am now googling it to see what it is. Sorry!¬† I have never been asked for it.”

Back to Twitter and @graemefraser who hits the nail on the head when he asks: “Do recruiters do that? Surely there’s not enough context or sentiment in the klout measurement.”

@pauleencraknell isn’t a big fan either: “I certainly would not use it to score my candidates for interview, not sure why any recruiter would.”

I waited in vain for the positive replies to come in – and I’m still waiting.

My thoughts are that no recruiter in their right mind would use something as basic as a Klout score to judge whether someone is capable of doing a job, not even in Social Media itself. And while I do agree that more and more recruiters and HR people will use Twitter, Facebook and more to try and find out about potential candidates, I’ll stick my neck out and saying that only giving interviews to people with ‘decent’ Klout scores (when last time I looked even Mark Zuckerberg only had a score of 45!) is asking for ridicule.

Now, over to you lot ūüôā Are you a recruiter or someone in charge of hiring people? Have you heard of Klout (I’ve deliberately not explained what it is in this blog)? Are you using it as a part of your shortlisting or hiring process? I’d love to hear from you, either in the comments below, or via email to

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Facebook Business Page alerts at last – we're Hyper!

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At first, the worldwide phenomenon Facebook was designed to keep students, friends and families in touch with one another. But these days, more and more businesses are using this social network site as part of their national and international marketing strategies, helping all types of businesses to communicate the latest offers, products, services, news etc with their followers.

Despite being a great marketing tool, keeping on top of Facebook business accounts and managing all of the comments and discussions etc used to mean logging onto Facebook multiple times a day. Unlike normal personal profile accounts, Facebook does not provide email updates to alert Facebook business account holders of new page additions, making it difficult and time consuming to keep on top of, and in touch with, all the page’s followers.

But now, a new great time-saving service called Hyper Alerts has been created. Designed to email you either straight away after new posts, comments, actions etc, or at set intervals if you would rather just get an update every hour, day etc, Hyper Alerts allows you to get on with something else without worrying about what is happening on your Facebook Business Page.

It is rather surprising that Facebook does not already offer this service, considering it is such an easy way for businesses to keep on top of their business accounts. But thankfully someone else has thought to do it, with Hyper Alerts letting you know when there have been any updates to your account, without you having to check yourself every few minutes.

As much as Facebook is a great tool for enhancing any digital marketing campaign, Hyper Alerts means you can stop worrying about your Facebook business page, allowing you to manage your time much more efficiently, making Hyper Alerts well worth signing up to.


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