Google+ – A Circles Tutorial

Circles is one of the things that really sets Google+ apart from other social networks. In Facebook for example, your friends are your friends – It doesn’t matter if that person’s the postman or you sometimes talk to or your best friend from childhood.

In Google+, you can create circles and put different people in different circles. You can then choose to share things only to certain people and not to others. For example, you might share only professional updates with your work contacts, while sharing photos of a night out with your friend circle.

The people in your circles won’t know what circles you put them in. It gives you a whole lot of control over your data, without any potentially embarrassing situations.

Here’s how to use Google+’s circles feature.

Step 1: Click Circles

To access your circles settings, click on “Circles” in the top navigation boxes.

You’ll see a screen of the people who are already in your circles.

Step 2: See Potential Friends

Click on “People who’ve added you” to see who added you to their circles. You can think of these are your “friend requests.”

Step 3: Drag and Drop Into Circles

To add someone to a circle, just drag and drop them into the circles along the bottom.

Step 4: Create a New Circle

To create a new circle, click or drag and drop into the “new circle” circle.

The create circle box will pop up. Choose a name for your new circle, then either add people to the circle or create an empty circle.

Step 5: Adding by Search

If you want to add someone who hasn’t already added you, do a search for them along the top bar.

Click on the name to go to their profile page. Then click “Add to circles” to add them to a circle.

Step 6: Circle Specific Stream

Want to only see photos and updates from your friends? Or want to see what your family is up to? Google+ makes it easy to see only updates from the people you want to see updates from.
On the left hand side of your home screen, just click one of the circles whose streams you want to see. Google+ will update and only display updates from people in those circles.

Step 7: Circle-Specific Posts

To post an update to only certain circles, click on the status update bar and start writing a post. A box with who can view your post will pop up along the bottom.

To remove a circle, click the small “x” in the top right corner. To add a circle that can see your post, click “Add more people.”

You now learned how to see who’s in your circle, who’s added you to their circles, how to add people to your own circles, how to create a new circle, how to add people who didn’t add you to a circle using search, how to sort your stream by circles and how to post to only specific circles.

Google+’s circles features really makes it easy to use social networking without “leaking” updates you don’t leaked to the wrong people. It allows you to connect with the different people in your life in different ways.



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Guaranteed front page Google listings? What CAN we guarantee?

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I’ve written about guaranteed front page Google listings before, but it’s still something I get asked in nearly every phone call I have with a potential client;

I’ve spoken to another company who guarantees me a number one position in Google, can you guarantee me that too?

Well, the answer is NO. I can’t. And neither can anyone else.

Google themselves say in the Webmaster guidelines:

No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google.Beware of SEOs that claim to guarantee rankings, allege a “special relationship” with Google, or advertise a “priority submit” to Google. There is no priority submit for Google.

They go on to say that you can submit your site to Google for free, which of course is something I’ve written about before too.

So, if I can’t guarantee you the number one spot, what CAN I guarantee?

  • I guarantee your positions will increase – whatever your position in Google for a phrase right now, it will be higher while I’m working on your SEO
  • I guarantee your relevant traffic will increase – good keyphrase research at the beginning of our project will encourage you to choose pertinent phrases to increase the visitors to your site
  • I guarantee that the visitors you get will have more relevance and be more targeted – using specific and long tail phrases we’ll make sure you’re getting uality vitiors intersted in your products or services
  • I guarantee I will do my best – I work hard to ensure that my clients are happy, as I want you to sing my ppraises, of course 🙂

I can’t guarantee, you’ll be number one, or front page, or exactly how many visitors you will get.

I can tell you that recent clients saw front page listings within a couple of weeks for fairly competitive phrases. Others have taken longer with very competitive phrases. You can see our Facebook Photo Album for our latest celebrations of front page listings, or ask me at any time.

I won’t give you false guarantees; it’s not my style. If you’re interested in straight talking SEO, then I could be your girl – see our Higher Google Listings Packages for more details.

I’d love to get the word out about false guarantees and what can be guaranteed, so I would really appreciate any Facebook ‘likes’ or ‘shares’, Tweets on Twitter, or mentions in your blogs ifg it’s a good fit. Thanks in advance 🙂

It's competition time again!

Google Lego 50th Anniversary Inspiration

AND THE WINNER IS: Angelika Davey – well done Angelika, we’ll be in touch!

In this fab November competition we’re offering our Bronze Higher Google Listings Package to one lucky winner – for free for 6 months! That’s a great prize worth over £1000!

If you’ve been struggling with SEO, aren’t sure what key phrases to focus on, or are just unsure where to start, our Package could be a great help to you.

You get:

  • Extensive key phrase research – find out which key phrases are actually worth targeting
  • Google Webmaster Tools Setup – essential to find out what’s going on with your website
  • XML sitemap – to tell Google about the pages on your website
  • Submission to directories – including ODP, a great asset to Google Listings
  • Onsite optimisation of each page of your website  (up to 10 key phrases)
  • Advice and tips
  • Weekly reports of positions
  • Ongoing recommendations
  • 1 article per month written for link building purposes – submitted to 3 main article websites and yours to use where you like!

Usually this would cost a minimum of £499 set up and then £100 a month – but we’re offering it free to one lucky winner.

So, what do you have to do?

All you have to do to be in with a chance of this great prize is sign up to our newsletter using the form below – it’s THAT simple! Sign up now to be in with a chance!

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The random draw will be made on november 30th, so sign up now before you forget!



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From the horse's (well, Google's) mouth.

USA Today recently interviewed Google’s Matt Cutts and he shared his top tips for getting listed in Google. No surprises, to be honest, but I thought I’d share 🙂

  1. Spotlight your search term on the page.
  2. Fill in your tags.
  3. Get other sites to link back to you.
  4. Create a blog and post often.
  5. Register for free Google tools.
  6. Don’t overdo it!

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