How do I delete or remove myself from a board on Pinterest?

I wrote a little while ago about the latest trend of adding people as collaborators to a Pinterest board and how annoying it was, not to mention spammy.

It’s still happening with alarming regularity to lots of us, judging from the emails I get!

One of the most frequent Pinterest questions I’m asked at the moment is ‘How do I remove myself when someone adds me to a Pinterest board?’

So here’s how to do it.

First of all navigate to the board you’ve been added to. The example I’m using below is a board I’m actually happy to be a part of, as I’ve removed myself from those I’m not!

Once you’re on the board, you should see the edit button (click on image to enlarge):

Once you’ve clicked on the edit button you should see a list of the board’s contributors / editors – in the image below I appear at the top, which isn’t always the case, so you may have to search for yourself. (I’ve removed the details of other contributors.)

Simply click on ‘remove’ to start the process of removing yourself from the board.

Now comes the important bit – I missed this out at first and became really annoyed when I was still getting alerts that people had added to the board!

Scroll right to the bottom of the page and click on the ‘save settings’ button – it looks like this:

Once you’ve clicked that you’ll be removed – simple!

Why should I remove yourself from a board?

It may be flattering that someone has added you to a board called ‘Best pinterest Users’ or ‘People of Importance’ but you have no control over it. You don’t know whether the other contributors to the board are people you would want to be aligned with, or what content they’ll post.

It’s also pretty odds on that you don’t really know the person who has added you, have no idea of the reason for the board, and will never post to it anyway!

And remember, every board you are a contributor to, whether one of yours or one you’ve been added to without asking, shows up on your profile. When someone adds you to a board think “Do I want this on my Pinterest profile?”.

If the answer is no, then remove yourself as soon as possible.

Have you been added to boards without your permission? Did you remove yourself or did you just say nothing and try to ignore it?


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