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A guest post by @davethackeray

Come rain, snow or shine, it’s time to think about ways to move closer to your customers in 2011. Join The Podcast Guy to find out how three business owners used this winter’s monster snowfall in the UK to generate delighted clients through podcasting…

Weather really separates the entrepreneurs from the stock-in-trade businesspeople.

When the snow came tumbling down here in the UK a couple of months ago, most people groaned, locked tills and reached for the light switch in quiet resignation and acknowledgement that Mother Nature had once again won.

But an unsilent minority considered climatic calamity an indubitable opportunity. Among this bunch of mavericks were a bunch of determinedly creative customer-focused chieftains of commerce who, rather than lie down and let gloom sweep over them, used the unlimited opportunities afforded them by new media.

The florist updated his website with a five-minute audio presentation accompanied by soft jingles and focusing on the magic of a home festooned with flowers of every colour and scent during the festive season. It was evocative and deliciously provocative – and listeners received free delivery of their blooms, leaving them in no doubt where to spend their decorative budget this year.

The butcher used his video blog to show people how to carve their Christmas turkey. Not bought one yet? No matter – one of our vans can be round to your house with the freshest bird in good time for the big day.

And one very enterprising estate agent wandered round a particularly beautiful home showing would-be house sellers how finishing flourishes make all the difference when you’re looking for a buyer.

In every instance, the cost to the business was relatively small. A microphone, a pocket digital camcorder, some free software and a couple of hours to learn the ins and outs.

But you couldn’t put a price tag on each of these podcasts. Attention to customer need, engagement, building loyalty, overdelivering on expectations – these elements of business are packed with value that money simply can’t buy.

So when business challenges come, as they always will, think of them not as problems but as your chance to show your competition what you’re made of. With passion, personality and a single-minded focus on creating incredible relationships with your customers, you can create podcasts to propel your business to the next level of success.


The Podcast Guy is Dave Thackeray. He works with businesses like yours to build incredible value into each and every customer interaction through podcasting. For more details, email

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