How to switch off email alerts in Pinterest

I’ve been asked this question more than once now, so it’s time for a quick tutorial 🙂

Pinterest is fab, but if (as we hope) you’re lucky enough to be popular, the barrage of ‘so-and-so pinned your pin’, ‘so-and-so is following you’ and ‘so and so commented / liked your pin’ can be pretty relentless and take over your inbox!

I tend to filter all of mine into a Pinterest folder in my email, so that I can look at them in my own time, but if you want to switch them off completely, here’s how!

First, go to your ‘settings’ by dropping down the box next to your name (click on images for bigger version):

Once you’ve clicked on ‘settings’ you should see this:

Clicking on the ‘change email settings’ button gives you this:

You can see that my settings are all set to ‘on’. So I’ll be emailed when someone follows me, when someone likes my pin, when someone comments on my pin, when someone repins my pin and when someone pins something to a collaborative board.

Don’t want these emails? Simply switch them off!

It’s that simple, so if your inbox is drowning in Pinterest emails, have a play and switch off the alerts you don’t want.

(I’d recommend keeping a track of people who are following you though, in case you want to follow them back, and to get an idea of how your account is growing.)

If you’re not on Pinterest and would like to be, drop me a line and I’ll send you an invitation.

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