Need a customer support phone number for Google?


OK, we get a lot of visits to this page. We also get a lot of phone calls to our office, and comments left below, the majority of which I remove for being abusive. So I’m afraid I’m going to shout: WE’RE NOT GOOGLE! All we’ve done is provide a customer support phone number for them – in the post, below. Please stop calling us and asking poor Leigh: “Are you Google?” or we’ll consider setting up a premium number…. thanks!

When you’re spending money with Google, it’s nice to know you can get hold of them, right?

Well they don’t make it easy, but there is a number that connects to their very helpful customer support department in Ireland. Make sure you know your Customer ID number (in the top right hand corner of your Adwords account), then give them a call on 0845 358 0038 – you have to press 2 and then enter your ID number once connected.

They’re very good at calling back when they say they will, and can sort most problems very quickly.

[Edited to add 14/08/09 – an email in today tells us: “Your Google phone number has been very good but they have changed the option 2 to enter your ID and then give a recorded message to got to the web help menu. “]

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