Apologies for my absence – but I have a good excuse!

19jan10aIt’s been a little while since I updated, but I think I have a good excuse 🙂

Some of you may remember me posting about my pregnancy – well Olivia Niamh was born 2 weeks early on 20th February, taking us a little by surprise.

See, I’d planned to be a good little blogger and practice what I preach. I’d written and set up scheduled blogs for all of my clients, I’d planned the blogs I was going to write for myself, and then I was out of time – so no blogs from me for the last week!

Here in France there’s an obligatory 5 day stay in hospital, and we arrived home on Thursday, which gave me a couple of days to get back into the swing of things. Clients have indeed been receiving emails at 2 and 3 am, and I’m still a little behind (yes, everyone who’s met me, it’s the only time the words ‘little behind’ can be used in the same sentence as my name 😉 ) but we’re getting there.

In the meantime, why not check out some of my recent blogs over on Birds on the Blog:

Normal service will be resumed pretty soon, as soon as we have Olivia trained up 😉


Olivia Niamh Gisbourne

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