Sometimes it's the small things that count

Over the last few months I’ve implemented a few small changes in some of my ‘strategies’, and I thought it would be good to share them with you over the next few days so you can see the results.

Today I’ll share with you my ‘newsletter signup strategy’.

I get about 20-30 newsletter signups per day. They all get a lovely little ‘thanks’ message from the Aweber system that I use, which is clearly automated. In 4 years or so of using Aweber, I’ve never yet had one person come back to one of those automated thank yous with a response.

So, over the last couple of months I’ve set aside a little time to email new subscribers and thank them for signing up. I also ask if there’s anything I can help with. It takes me little time (yes it’s a cut and paste email, but personalised with their name) and has proved well worth it.

In that time I’ve had about 30 emails back that have resulted in dialogue, 6 people asking for more info on specifics of my service, and 2 people have become clients. When I asked the clients what tipped it for them, both said that the fact I’d bothered to email them when they signed up to my newsletter led them to believe I was more interested in them, and led them to finding out more bout me rather than just waiting for my newsletter.

So, why not pay more attention to your newsletter subscribers? It only takes a little time, but you could be reaping the rewards.

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