Co-working and networking in Westgate.

MargateJelly is a fairly new event (Number 2 is on the 28th March at the Westgate Pavilion). The idea is to get together with likeminded people for a change of scene, to chat, exchange help and advice, work together and who knows, maybe come up with a new idea you can collaborate on.

It tends to work best for freelancers, home workers and people running small businesses, who may feel they miss the corporate office environment and want a change of scenery.

We are running a free Marketing surgery at this event and there are more things planned. Running from 10am to 2pm – you should come and experience 4 hours of co-working, collaborating, learning and above all fun.

People came away from the first event having used MargateJelly to hold meetings, find solutions to problems and generally network with other business.

The event is £3 to cover the cost of the venue and that is paid direct to them on the door. Why not book on now – visit or book direct via Eventbrite –

Food and drinks are available from the venue as is free WIFI

We look forward to seeing you!

Networking for women in Margate Kent

This is a blog post for a training excercise I am running today 🙂

Do you run a business in Margate or Kent?

Are you a woman?

Are you looking for women’s networking groups in Margate?

Then you need 1230 TWC!

If you need more business, more contacts, support, a cheery face, advice, expertise and to connect with other savvy business women – you’re in the right place!

The 1230 TWC Margate meetings are on the 4th Thursday of each month.  Please share this information with all your contacts, even if they’re not in Margate – you never know who knows who!

1230 TWC is an effective, dynamic network of meetings and events where like-minded business women meet to inspire, share experiences, strengthen and grow their businesses through building trusted business relationships.

If you would like to network and market your business with other like-minded business women……

  • Learn new networking skills and make contacts to help your business grow……..
  • Discover the secrets of business success from other entrepreneurs……
  • When you join 1230, you will become a member of the whole organisation with far reaching networking opportunities.
  • Have your 1 minute talk prepared (please ask if you’d like a copy of the 1230 TWC 1 minute talk guideline).
  • Let your business colleagues and friends know about 1230 The Women’s Company, that way not only do you broaden their networking circle but yours too and remember it is not just the person you meet and speak to at a meeting – it is also who is in their network.
  • If you are already a 1230 TWC member and would like to give a presentation to the group or display your products or literature, please contact us in advance so that we can arrange a suitable date for you.

The lunch-time meetings are relaxed, informal and productive with the 1230 TWC Host Lindsay Panteli updating those present with news; everyone has the opportunity to deliver a one-minute presentation on their business.

Meetings always include a delicious lunch!

If you’d like to come along as a guest, drop me a line to – I look forwardto meeting you there!

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Business Networking in Thanet, Kent? Come to 4N!


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When I moved back to the UK from France, I moved to the Thanet area of Kent, an area I’d never lived in before, and a place full of people I didn’t know.

So my first business decision was to get back on the old networking horse and pop along to some meetings. BNI, 1230 Women, anda couple of other independent ones were all great, but 4N stood out for a couple of reasons:

  • It’s a structured meeting but still fun
  • It’s not restrictive so anyone can join
  • It’s just round the corner from my new house 🙂

A great breakfast, a round of 40 second introductions and 3 great 1-on-1 meetings every 2 weeks – I’ve found it  afantastic way to get to know businesses in Thanet, and start to get my face known offline as well as online.

There are a mix of businesses; the usual printers, web designers and accountants, but also a great handyman, a wedding supplies company, a recruitment coach and more! And of course, me!

So if you’re looking to network in the Thanet Kent area and don’t know where to start, why not pop along to the Smugglers Retreat as my guest – breakfast is only a tenner and it’s a very worthwhile way to spend part of your morning.

Give me a call on 01843 821118 or drop me a line to if you’d like to know more, or book in as a visitor on the 4N website.

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Social Media Marketing – An Old Story

We’ve published our latest article, “Social Media Marketing – An Old Story

The world of business is going mad for social media, with a recent study suggesting 92% of businesses in North America are using it in some way.

This is exciting of course, but in this excitement, many seem to have forgotten that while some of the technology may be new, the phenomena is not.

In fact, this interactive methodology has been at the core of internet marketing since its very inception. Web pages are, after all, interactive and multimedia by their very nature. We were clicking, viewing, commenting and sharing, long before the term ‘social media’ was coined.

In fact, ‘social’ has always been as aspect of marketing. So, how can the lessons of the past inform the way we approach social media marketing today?

Read the rest of this article.

Which business forums will you be frequenting in 2010?

I love business forums – and have been a member of many in the last 15 years. I love the way I can ask a quetsion and get umpteen answers in a short time, get opinions that don’t necessarily agree with mine, find out about other people’s businesses, and see posts that challenge my own viewpoints and educate me.

The problem is, in the latter half of 2009 I kind of let Twitter fulfil that ‘need’ and let my business forums go a little bit.

And I do love Twitter, and the different people I meet on there, but over Christmas I was thinking ‘I miss my forums’ – so one of my pledges this year is to spend more time taking part in online Business forums.


I’ll be sneaking back to UK Business Labs and hoping that people there still remember who I am, and aren’t angry with me for abandoning them for a while, catching up with the Sales & Marketing Forum and seeing if they’ve missed me, getting up to date with the new Free Index forums, and giving BT Tradespace Communities another go.

I’ll even find the time to check out some new forums I’ve not participated in before, so please feel free to suggest your favourite below.

It sounds time consuming though doesn’t it? But I used to do it all the time, it was the first thing I did at 7am (French time, so 6am UK time) with a cup of coffee and some boiled eggs, mooch around the forums, opening up threads I was interested in new tabs and then working my way through them. It takes an hour at the most, and that hour is well spent in learning, helping and spreading my name around. I just got lazy. And now’s the time to unlazy myself and get started again, so look forward to seeing more of me around in January 2010 – i’ll report back on progress at the end of the month!

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