More than 5 hours a week spent on Social Media Marketing?

We are all aware of the power of social media. Used by millions of adults all around the world, social media is by far one of this century’s biggest phenomenons. So with such vast potential audience on social network sites and blogs every day, it only seems logical for companies to embrace social networking to boost the awareness of their brand.

A survey recently conducted by, an Internet marketing company based in the UK & France, reveals some dramatic if not unsurprising results on how businesses are now using social networking as a regular part of their marketing strategies. The results not only show which sites and what type of social media is most commonly used, but also the duration of time businesses spend on social media marketing.

The sites that people use to promote their business

The sites that people use to promote their business

An impressive 95% of businesses declare they incorporate Twitter into their marketing strategy. Twitter, the world’s leading micro-blogging service, now has literally billions of ‘Tweets’ per quarter. So anyone who is anybody now has to be there in order to boost their online performance.

Following not far behind is Facebook, now the world’s leading social networking site, with 77% of businesses responding taking part in ‘Facebook-ing’. Blogging is also used by an impressive 67% of businesses, with 48% also commenting on other blogs (often as a part of link-building campaign).

Online business forums and YouTube also take a slice, 61% and 28% respectively, but perhaps one of the most surprising revelations is that 0% seems to incorporate MySpace. Although MySpace arguably laid the foundations for social networking back in 2004, in 2008 it was overtaken by Facebook, whose popularity still on the rise.

We also asked how long per week was spent on social media marketing. Again unsurprisingly, 42% spend 5 hours or more every week using the likes of Twitter and Facebook. A still rather hefty 28% spent between 2-5 hours, whilst 17% spend 1-2 hours, and 9% spend 30 minutes to an hour per week on social media marketing. Only 4% spend less than half an hour a week, with all of these results proving the significance of social media within the realms of marketing.

How long per week is spent on Social Media Marketing

How long per week is spent on Social Media Marketing

It is clear that with the ever increasing rise of Tweets, updates and blogs, social media marketing is going to have to keep up with this modern form of communication. Although offline advertising should not be underestimated, social media marketing as a part of a digital marketing campaign is one of the most integral forms of increasing brand awareness in the 21st Century


Disclaimer: The stats above were based on the responses of 624 business people. As the stats were gathered via Twitter, Facebook, online forums and blogs, it is clear that there will be some bias towards those areas of promotion. However, responses were also solicited via email and our newsletter, to try and even this up a little!

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10 Facebook, Twitter & Social Media T-Shirts for Kids & Adults

We love a good top ten post here at NP, and as we’ve recently found a fab social media t-shirt for Baby O (see if you can guess which one it is!) were inspired to bring you:

10 Facebook, Twitter & Social Media Tshirts for Kids & Adults

1) I’m not a blogger, I just Tweet a lot

Perfect to make a point – not everyone is a blogger, of course. Available from Twitter’s Threadless page



2) They’re not my parents, we met on Facebook

A great statement for kids, can we have another that says ‘They’re not my kids, I found them on eBay’ please? 😉 Available in ages 4-9 from Little Sunflowers



3) You ‘Like’ this

Using the Facebook thumbs up to promote an air of narcissism – nice… Found over at NerdyShirts



4) 140 is the new 420

Subtle – we like this one – either people will get it or they won’t, but it won’t be ‘in your face’. Another one from the Twitter Threadless store.



5) Digg & Reddit & Stumbleupon & Delicious

Perfect for all you Social Bookmarking addicts out there. Another one from Nerdy Shirts.


6) Twittering blue bird for kids

A variation on the Twitter bird, this can be customised to include a Twitter name. Found over at Spreadshirt


7) There’s a Facebook group for people like you

The ultimate insult from Facebook tshirts?


8) Connect with me … Linkedin

Even Linked in are jumping on the apparel bandwagon – quite subtle though! Available direct from Linkedin


9) YouTwittFace

Maybe this says it all?!? From CafePress



10) Social Networking Killed My Social Life

I know how the designer of this one feels 🙂 Another Cafepress find.


So there you have it, ten Facebook, Twitter and Social Media T-shiorts for kids and adults alike – if you’ve found any other Social Media tshirts, let me know in the comments below!

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