Where has my Facebook Business Page gone?

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That’s the cry around the web this morning as Facebook seems to have somehow lost a large proportion of Business Pages over night. Not the best news to wake up to, especially when checking on mine and a few of my clients’ pages, they have indeed gone AWOL.

Even more interesting is that some people can see their pages on their phone apps, but not on the web.

To add to the confusion, some people can see some pages, when others can’t see them at all and just get a ‘oops not found’ message.

What’s going on Facebook? First the changes to the pages, then messing up the chronological order of things, and now losing my page altogether – can I have it back please?

If your page has disappeared, try posting on the Facebook Pages Business Page (which of course is still there!) – the more of us that post, the more likely someone is to listen. I’ve also emailed support, but I won’t be holding my breath on that one.

Luckily my website, blog and Twitter page are still there – another great reminder that it’s better to spread your marketing than put all your eggs in one basket 🙂

Is your page still there? Let me know with a link in the comments below and I’ll check it out to see if I can see it too!

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