5 Things you should do to enhance your Facebook Fan Page NOW

npfbIt’s easy to start a Facebook Fan Page, post a few things, get a few fans and then run out of steam. I wonder how many Fan pages are languishing in Facebook hell with only one fan and a few blog updates, or even worse, all automated updates and no interaction?

Here are 5 things you can do right now to help your Fan Page along:

1) Hook it up to your twitter account – this means that when you add things to your FB page, they will be automatically tweeted out – you can do this at www.facebook.com/twitter

We’re not suggesting that you automate EVERYTHING to go out on Twitter – after all they’re two very different beasts. Choose carefully what you allow to go out on twitter direct from Facebook – your twitter followers will be pretty annoyed if every link you send them goes via your FB fan page, especially if they’re not Facebook members! Don’t automatically tick every box and post everything to your twitter profile, but maybe status updates and new photos is a good start.

2) Invite all your contacts to become fans. You can do this in 2 ways. Firstly by clicking on the ‘suggest to friends’ button on the page – top left. Secondly with the ‘Share’ button on the page, bottom left. The first allows you to choose friends to invite to become a fan. The second posts details of the page to your profile.

3) Become a fan of your own page by clicking on the ‘become a fan’ button! I’m always surprised by people who come to us for Facebook management and aren’t fans of their own page!

4) Once you have 25 fans, go to www.facebook.com/username and choose a ‘vanity url’ for your page. It makes it easier to remember and linking to it is easier

5) Put a ‘become a fan’ widget on your website. Details of how to do this, and other ways to promote the page are here http://www.facebook.com/facebook-widgets/

There are many more things you can do to enhance your Facebook Fan Page, and we’ll be posting about them in the future. Be sure to subscribe to this blog (Feedburner subscription, top right) to be sure you don’t miss out!

And if you need Facebook fan page ongoing management, check out our Facebook Management Service.

Is there such a thing as a Google Authorised Adwords Reseller?

This question is popping up more and more in my inbox – and the answer is yes.

Google tells us:

There are five Authorised Google AdWords Resellers in the UK:

There is one Authorised Google AdWords Reseller in Ireland:

  • Yodel
  • These companies are authorised by Google to resell Adwords to you, and they are the only companies that can claim to be an authorised Google Adwords reseller.

    This is different to a company such as ours, selling you Google Adwords Management – we make our money by charging for our time, and you pay your clickthrough costs direct to Google.

    What does a company have to do to become an Adwords reseller?

    Again, from the horse’s mouth:

    The AdWords Authorized Reseller Program is not a good fit for everyone. We work with a wide variety of businesses, but we do find that our most successful partners share these traits:

    • A dedicated direct sales force who can actively sell AdWords to local business customers with a goal of achieving at least 500 accounts
    • Customer support for advertisers, including AdWords account management to handle questions and requests
    • A reporting system for keeping advertisers informed about the performance of their AdWords advertising
    • A billing and collections system for customer invoicing and payment collection

    Will NikkiPilkington.com become an Authorised Google Adwords Reseller in the future?

    It’s unlikely, to be honest. We’re a small agency, and we like it that way. We don’t work locally on the scale that Yell and Reach Local do, and we don’t have the sales or support resources to handle 500 accounts. We do offer Google Adwords account management, but we don’t want to be the conduit for payment for your clicks. To us, it’s much better if you pay Google direct and just pay us a management fee. We do offer reporting, on a monthly basis, as well as support for questions and requests.

    I think it’s clear, from looking at the companies who ARE authorised resellers, that this appeals to a certain type of company and their clients – and we’re not that sort of company.

    Hope that clears the issue up, but do remember that if you get a phonecall from someone claiming to be a Google partner, Google representative or Google subsidiary, and they’re not one of the above companies, it’s probably a Google scam.

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