The many faces of the Internet User – which one are you?

The Internet is made up of a great many different types of people, and this infographic by Column Five Media covers a fair few… I think I can honestly say I’ve come across all of the ones mentioned!

Which one are you and which ones do you think are missing?


What You Didn’t Do Yesterday Online That Lowered Your Rank [infographic]

A guest post by Tasty Placement

When I first started writing online, I really only thought about my interests and what I wanted to share while hoping that those were the same interests of others. If all went well, someone saw the post, linked it to someone else and a kind of web wildfire would spread throughout the virtual lands. However, it’s a little bit more complicated than that. Those who write for a living online and depend on a high search engine rank are always looking for ways to connect better to their readership while also bringing in tons of new readers. I heard about this new study that looked at the importance of “Testing Social Signals,” which came in a neat little infographic by Tasty Placement. The infographic poses a simple question, “Can social media activity boost organic search ranking?” While that seems certain, there are some factors that actually make this more complicated than most would think.

The infographic details how six websites were created in similarly populated US cities with websites focused on the same niche. The domain name included the city name and a specific home service. Tasty Placement took it a bit further by promoting websites each through different social media like Google+, Twitter and Facebook. While promoting, they did what we do: follow their rankings in search engines with eager anticipation.

For those of you who love Google+, the infographic details how one targeted website generated more than a 100 Google Plus followers and raised considerably upward in its search engine rankings. Another website targeted specifically to Google Plus One yielded a slightly lower rank but overall still much higher the websites targeted to Facebook or Google. Is it any surprise that Google would favor its own social media?

All of the sites yielded some results, except for the one which was left to its own devices and had no social media promotions. While the study proved something that we have come to suspect, it was nice to see which social media connections really improved the ranking. Obviously, websites owners and bloggers are rewarded for using Google’s own system with higher rankings. Still, I was also wondering what would have happened if one website had been connected to all the social media. I can only see that being a rocket of high rankings.

This infographic was designed and developed by TastyPlacement, Inc. Click here to visit their site.

Click on image to see full sized version.

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Social Media – how do you drink your coffee?

Made us smile this morning 🙂

Thanks to @Nigel_Morgan of Morgan PR for alerting us to this, and LOLDAMN.COM for producing it 🙂

Facebook fanpage timeline tutorial [infographic]

Looking for help setting up your Facebook Fanbase Timeline? This infographic from Brand Graphics should help 🙂

Are you more Twitter than Facebook?

This made me smile this morning – depending on the day, I’m either Facebook or LinkedIn 🙂 Which social network are you?

Which Social Network Are You?

Which Social Network Are You

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Confused about Twitter #hashtags? [infographic]

One of the things that people ask me about the most during my Twitter training is hashtags. It seems that they confuse a lot of people, some can’t see the point of them and others are using them willy nilly without really knowing what they’re doing 🙂

So it was great to find this brilliant infographic from Social Caffeine, explaining them in more detail.

A simple guide, it will explain a little more about what hashtags are, how using more than two in a tweet can be detrimental, and places where you can find out more.

Questions about hashtags? Post them in the comments and I’ll be happy to help.

And of course, check out our 30 Day Twitter Challenge 🙂

10 Personal branding mistakes to avoid on Twitter

If you’re serious about using Twitter for business, then it’s work checking out this great infographic from

In summary the mistakes you could be making include:

  1. Not following people who interest you, and automatically following everyone who follows you.
  2. Automatically unfollowing people who don’t follow you.
  3. Having no picture, or using a picture that isn’t ‘real’.
  4. Using an irrelevant Twitter name.
  5. Not filling in your Twitter bio.
  6. Not using lists to filter the noise.
  7. Not having conversations with people.
  8. Not checking your @ messages and direct messages.
  9. Posting links without actually reading the content.
  10. Only sending one type of tweet.

I think I’d add to this #11 – never retweeting people – retweets are a big part of building relationships.

What would you add to the list?

Want to make more of Twitter for business? Check out my 30 Day Twitter Challenge!


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Optimising images for Pinterest

Thanks to Chris Voss for this great find. If you’re looking to make the most of Pinterest and want to know more about optimising your images, be sure to read on 🙂

10 reasons to realign your website [infographic]

Another fab infographic from J6 Design, showing why you should rethink your website regularly (they recommend at least yearly)

A quick cheat sheet to Google Plus [infographic]

Need to know more? then grab a copy of the Google Plus 30 day challenge 🙂

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