Does more content mean higher Google listings?

uprightIt’s a simple question with a not so simple answer – my answer is “Maybe”

Adding more content to your site is a great thing to do, from a visitor perspective and from a Google perspective, but only if it’s done properly. Simply adding meaningless content for content’s sake is never going to be a good thing.

Well thought out content can be really good for higher Google listings though, for a number of reasons:

  • If well written and optimised, you have a better chance of writing specific content for different keyphrases you are focusing on
  • More content = more pages, and gives Google more to index
  • The more pages you have indexed for different phrases, the more likely you are to show up in long tail searches
  • The more well thought out content you have, the more useful your site becomes to visitors
  • The more useful your site becomes, the more likely it is to be passed on, Tweeted, Socially Bookmarked, etc

So, yes, more content can be good – but think it through. Badly written, over optimised content written purely for search engines won’t do you any favours at all.

Have a think about what you could add to your site right now to make it more useful to visitors AND help with those higher Google listings.

(photo credit: shioshvili)

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