New client welcome – Tardis Environmental

We’re delighted to welcome on board leading portable toilet hire company Tardis Environmental. While we’ve helped clients far and wide with their Higher Google Listings, Google Adwords Management and other Internet Marketing needs, we’ve never had a portaloo company as a client before, so that’s another box ticked!

Tardis Environmental is one of the leading companies in the industry for portable toilet hire and the other wide range of general and toilet services, including:

We’re thrilled to be working with them in 2010 and look forward to producing some great results!

If you need help with your front page Google Listings, Google Adwords Management, Social Media Marketing, or any other aspect of online marketing in 2010, please feel free to contact us to find out more!

Higher Google Listings – what and why?

Potential clients often ask us how each of our services fit together and for a brief explanation of them – here is our brief description of our Higher Google Listings service, and how it fits in with our other services:

Higher Google Listings

What is it?

* The aim is to get a client onto the front page of Google for their selected search phrases

Why do people need it?

* Over 80% of web ‘journeys’ begin at a search engine, and over 60% of those begin at Google

* Most people research companies and suppliers on the web rather than using Yellow Pages, Thomson Local etc.


* Front page listings mean much higher visibility
* Ability to choose appropriate phrases
* Managed service no real input / time needed after initial setup
* Ability to choose level of service


* Not guaranteed
* Not immediate
* If phrases are very competitive then results unpredictable
* Ongoing process rather than one-off fix
* Larger sites need higher service

Other services that enhance it / it enhances

* Article Marketing is a natural fit as part of SEO is getting good links back to the site
* Works well alongside Google Adwords for short term fix with long term solution
* Works well with Social Media Marketing due to back-links

Interested in our Higher Google Listings service? See our prices page for more info, then contact us for more info!

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