How do I Improve my Google Plus Profile?

A sneak peek! I twisted Sarah’s arm and she’s giving us a quick look inside the 30 Day Google+ Challenge. Enjoy!

You’ve got your Google Plus account, adjusted your privacy settings and set up your Circles. What do you do next?

It’s now time to take a look at your Google Plus Profile. G+ profiles show up in searches and it helps people decide what circle they add you too. It’s important to get your G+ profile right. Your profile shows when someone presses the “about” tab on your profile.

Let’s take a look at my friend Steven’s profile. Imagine you’ve never met him or heard of him before.

click to enlarge image

If you had just discovered Steven’s profile, you’d be hooked enough to add him to a circle.

  • Add images. Make your profile pic a pic of you. The 5 images across the top can be images that describe you, your work or things that you find important.
  • Add links to make it easier for the reader to understand who you are and what you do.
  • Remember it’s ok to brag / boast about something. Put something memorable in this section.
  • It’s okay to leave things out. If you don’t want to mention what schools, colleges and universities you went to, that’s ok. If you add them it can reassure people that you are “educated” in what you do – it can add to your credibility.
  • Add links to your other social profiles so people can follow you on those sites.
  • Remember to add links to your websites and blogs

The more hooks you have in your G+ profile the more likely you are to be added to a Circle that’s listened too. The secret is to get the right balance of business and personal. I work to the rule if I wouldn’t want my mum to read it it, then I don’t write it.

Depending on your privacy settings you can see what type of content you share in your circles. For me this is a big indicator of where to place a person. If it’s things that I find interesting then it’s easy to place them. If I see they share other people’s content I can see that they are getting around and may share interesting things even if I don’t like their recent shares.

If I see a logo as a profile pic and a heap of self promotional tripe then I don’t add the person to anything. I move on to find someone else of interest.

Take a good hard look at your G+ profile.

Would you follow you?


If you haven’t already grab a copy of the 30 Day Google+ Challenge here

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Don’t bother with Google Plus

If you have been off visiting another planet, buried deep in the snow or only read mainstream newspapers I’ll forgive you for not hearing and knowing about Google Plus. Anywhere else, and you have no excuse 😉

Google Plus is a terrific tool for small businesses everywhere and if you get to grips with it you will reap the rewards.

It takes a bit of work, if you don’t like work stop reading now and go and play with your kittens or something. There’s no such things as a free lunch and Google isn’t handing you one right now either.

A little effort, spread over 30 days and you’ll see terrific results.

Grab it pre-sale asap

1. Go and get a Google Plus account. Right now.

2. Create a circle and call it “just for me”. Drop the URL of this post into that circle. You know where to find this article now, so come back often.

3. Add a G+ button to your website and blog 

4. Ask some friends to Plus a page. Make note of the pages usual traffic and see how much better it does once it’s been plussed. A week is all it takes to see better results.

5. Getting into it? Need some more tools? Take a look at this post  – 13 tools for smarter Google Plus action.

6. If you need more info on how to start Google plus; Chris Brogan has some screencasts on how how to change your privacy settings.

7. Anson Alexander has a great post on how to use your Circles.

8. Sharing good content with relevant circles is essential to growing your relationships. Need  a Google Plus bookmarklet – handy for sites and pages you wish to share and they don’t have a g+ button.

9. Upload some images to your profile. People are visual and having a profile image and several images across the top of you profile means you have put some effort into being on Google Plus. You are more likely to be added to circles if people can see what you look like. Personally I never add a logo to a circle to me it’s an indication that all I am going to get from that person is self promotional rubbish.

Of course if you don’t want better search traction, better engagement experience and more customers then don’t bother with Google Plus. Carry on as you are and let your competition get ahead of the game.


Want to make the most of Google+? Sarah is the author of The 30 Day Google+ Challenge, available to prebuy now at just £4


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Google – Monopoly or Market Leader?

A guest post by Chris ‘Kip’ Carrier

Nederlands: Anti-Monopoly bordspel

Google, The PowerhouseWith Google dominating the tech news this week, we are going to look at the how, the why and the what will be.

OK, so we all know who or what Google is, they have dominated the search engine market for many years now, a natural monopoly (ie, people flood to them by choice, not by force) that like to help where they can. The city of their head office enjoys completely free wifi, they help charities etc etc. They are the good guys, right?

The Cry Babies – Twitter and Facebook

Twitter are publicly calling out Google, saying they are monopolising with the integration of Google Plus to Google Search, did people really not see this coming? I have been ranting and advising people for 6 months they need to be using G+, as there is a wind of change like no other.

Twitter should be scared of everyone, they have not done anything in the last few years, if I were an investor, I would have sold up a long time ago. A new facelift, new design, nothing else, at least Google evolve, update, improve and in my personal opinion, make the internet better!

Twitter is in panic mode, because Google Plus is the fastest growing Social Network, EVER. Some people pointed and laughed when it came out, not me.

They brought out Panda, this wiped out thousands of black hat SEO people overnight, you could hear the cheer go up from website owners and designers that do things properly, watching the harvesters of copy shrink back to the 3rd and 4th pages of Google searches (seriously, who looks at anything after page 1 or even 2?) and well written, unique websites started climbing up to where they belong!

Facebook, ahh, everybody loves FB, right? Nope, it was all there was, this is why people used it so much. The changes everybody has seen recently were a direct result of Google Plus, the FB boys are now updating it and improving it as fast as they can (unlike the Twitter team), because now they have some serious competition, competition that can affect search results, unlike Facebook!

Google and Google+, The Future

So, on Google plus, people truly interact, I have met more people on there than I have with 2-3 years of hammering Twitter and Facebook, people interact, share posts and opinions, laugh, cry and diversify (poetry!). I love it, I am even using it to interview some major players in British industry this year (such as Will King and a couple of others), thanks to Hangouts!

Anyway, you understand, I like Google+, it is no secret, so what of the future of Google?

Google has changed dramatically in the last 12 months, you may not see it, but they have, the social inclusion has been a tremendous shift in how their algorithms work, they have been busy acquiring technology to improve and modernise the way that you get results. Search will always be the same, you pop in what you want and press enter (or reach for the mouse and click search), but the way in which Google finds what you are looking for and the way it delivers it, major change!

Yesterday, Google dropped Google Plus into the normal search (I told you so, months ago), this is fantastic news, we are witness to the the internet evolving yet again, this is not a monopoly, the fact that Facebook and Twitter banished the Big G, means that they cannot offer their search results, just Google +’s! You can search for personal or standard, or both!

You can exclude certain websites showing up in searches, you can give kudos (+1) to websites in the results, you can search just your social network, friends, family and co-workers!

I think it is a thing of beauty.

What’s Next for Google

Image Reading: We know that there are apps and websites that can read text from images, this is old news, so watch out for this becoming the norm in searches too.

eCommerce stock levels: This one really excites me! Google will be checking your stock levels on products, so if I search for the Kipidget 2000 and you have no stock, you will not appear with the shops that do have it in stock!

Hours of business: Have you set up your hours of business on your Google map listing, G+ business page? Imagine searching for a Launderette at 7pm, the ones that set their hours to 9-5pm will not show high up either. This is great for people that do not cap their work hours each day! (Me, I am open 24-7!)

Mobile Websites: Oh this is the big one, marketing companies have been pitching separate mobile websites for over a year now, yet this produces duplicate content, something Google frowns upon. With “Responsive” eshops and websites, you now only need one site, that works on all platforms (tablets, phones, desktops and laptops).

In conclusion:

Google is evolving, are you?

Chris “Kip” Carrier is a web & graphic designer, primarily WordPress, with a passion for Social Media Marketing and iMacs. You can find him at Kip FX Design

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Google+ explained [video]

Loving this Google+ video, which explains Google+ very quickly and simply.

You can find me on Google + here:



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