Why I’m not putting all my eggs in the Pinterest basket just yet

Decorated Easter eggs in basket.

Reading some of my posts recently, you could be forgiven for thinking that I am forsaking all other social media channels for the ‘new kid’ that is Pinterest.

Let me set your mind at rest.

Yes, I love Pinterest, yes I think it’s generating fantastic traffic and sales, and yes I do think it’s going to be the ‘next big thing’.


Let’s not forget that although it’s been around for a couple of years, Pinterest is still a novelty to a lot of people, still new enough and different enough to be exciting and fun, and still a bit of an unknown quantity.

I know it’s generating traffic and sales for people, and that traffic is surpassing Facebook and Twitter, but how much of that is due to the fact that it’s new and everyone is ‘playing’ with it?

Facebook did the same, as did Twitter, and even Google+ when it was first opened up to the masses.

But for every Facebook and Twitter, there’s a Google Buzz, a Plurk, and many more, that have either fallen by the wayside or become graveyards.

Yes, I believe that everyone should be getting what they can from Pinterest while it’s hot; that doesn’t mean you should abandon your other social profiles, no matter how many articles you read saying Pinterest is generating X times the traffic of Y.

Social Media Marketing is about the whole, not just little pieces – Pinterest is just another piece in a jigsaw that can help you make more of yourself online.

Look beyond the hype, use it for what it is right now, and if it’s still generating the same results in 6 months, then maybe we can all agree it’s the next big thing.


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Recommended WordPress plugin: Google Buzz button

buzzI have to be honest and say that I’ve not paid huge amounts of attention to Google Buzz until recently. I mean I’ve played with it and I like it, but a lack of time has meant I’ve not used it particularly well. It’s just too easy to feed in my Twitter stream and hope for the best. Lazy, huh?

So I decided that I’ll try harder with Buzz over the next few weeks, and work out how to use it in a way that’s different to blogging and different to Twitter – my instinct tells me it’s somewhere in the middle of the two, practice should help me to help my customers use it in an effective way.

Already some people are preferring Buzz to Twitter, so this Google Buzz button plugin is a great addition to a WordPress blog.

Simply download the plugin and install (see here if you’re not sure about installing plugins – and if you’re still stuck, drop me a line as we may be able to help) to put a  Buzz button on your blog posts. The icon can appear at the top of the post, as we have it, or at the bottom. (There is an option for manual insertion if you know what to do with WordPress templates, so theoretically you can have the icon appear anywhere you like).

So download the Google Buzz button for WordPress plugin and give your readers another way to share your blog posts.

Dowload google buzz button for wordpress plugin

If you need help installing a WordPress plugin, please see our WordPress Plugin Installation Help service.

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