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We’re all short on time, and one of the things that bugs me the most when I’m rushing to get a blog post out (and I blog for a fair few clients as well as myself!) is having to source images, put links in the post, and generally make it look spiffy.

So I was delighted to come across Zemanta a couple of months ago, and can honestly say it has saved me so much time it’s unreal.

As I type a blog, Zemanta suggests links for me, has a gallery of photos and pictures (along with copyright attributions) I can choose from, and even suggests tags for me! The list of ‘related articles’ at the end of this blog post was suggested by Zemanta too!

It’s free to use,  and comes as a plugin for your browser (Firefox only, it seems) – just plug and play! I use it on WordPress and Blogger blogs, but it also works on other platforms, including Ning (although it’s not fully supportind on Ning).

If you struggle to make your blogs look good, hate sourcing and attributing pictures, and need a bit of help, I’d highly recommend Zemanta – go check it out!

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