10 Things to Post on your Facebook Business Page

tweegram(2)It seems so easy – click a few links and hey presto, you have a Facebook business page!

But then comes the hard bit – you need to gain ‘likers’, keep them interested, get them to participate, keep the page going on top of all your other efforts, don’t let it get dull and boring, not be too self promotional – AARRGGHHHH!! How on earth can you think of all that AND run your business?

Well, worry not, here’s a quick list of 10 things you can post on your Facebook Business page to keep it interesting and encourage interaction – feel free to let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

1) Questions – Update your status each day, but rather than telling people what you’re doing right now, ask them a question. It’s clear by looking at the statuses of people on Facebook (whether individuals or businesses) that asking a question provides a massive response. Let your fans and contacts feel involved – ask them a question related to your business right now.

2) Videos – It doesn’t even have to be your video! It could be a demonstration video from YouTube, a funny video related to your industry, or a music video if you like, but video reaches people that words sometimes don’t. If you have your own video, then even better; either way, break up the monotony of your page with the odd video to keep things interesting.

3) Links to sites other than your own – yes, we know it seems to go against the grain. You started a fan page to promote YOUR business, right? But people soon switch off if your page is nothing more than a list of links to your website, so show them that you’re not just in it for you. Post links to other websites – interesting blogs about your industry, funny stories, news items, even (gasp!) competitors sites occasionally. If some of these sites belong to your fans too, then you’ll inspire loyalty and may get the same in return!

4) Requests for more fans – ask your fans to use the ‘share’ button or the ‘suggest to friends’ link to share your page’s details with their friends on Facebook. It may not have occurred to them to do so, and if you don’t ask, you don’t get!

5) Links to discussions on your wall – if one of your posts isn’t getting the responses you want, it may be that people just aren’t noticing it! Post links to interesting discussions on your Business Page wall, and ASK THEM TO COMMENT!

6) Photos & pictures – again, a great way to break up the relentless words of a business page, photos tell your fans more about you and your business. Post pictures of your premises, your customers, your products or services, diagrams, cartoons, in fact anything that you have that is related to your business.

7) Links to your blog – If you use a plugin, you can do this automatically, but even if you don’t, when you post a new blog, link to it from your Business page – encourage comments and contributions – remember, no asking, no getting πŸ™‚

8) Events – use the events tab to post details of time sensitive special offers, open days, launch days and more. It’s an often forgotten tab but can be very useful if you think about it a little differently πŸ˜‰

9) Notes – the notes tab can be used for lots of different things; mini blog posts, testimonials, quotes, thoughts – anything that is too big to be put as a status update. It’s another way to add extra interest to your fan page

10)Β Thanks you to your fans – if your fans are interacting, then it’s worth taking the time out to post a public thank you to them every so often. You can do this by posting a status update and referencing certain fans by prefacing their names with an ‘@’ sybmol. You could go one further and offer prizes or giveaways to a couple of fans per month, given to those who interact the most and the best.

So there you have it – a quick and dirty list of ways to keep your Facebook Business Page interesting. Without interaction and interest, a page quickly becomes nothing more than a list of links, with no intrinsic valu whatsoever. Don’t let your Business page fade away!

No time to sort out your business page? Stuck for what to post? Fans not interacting or even following you? We might be able to help – check out our Free Facebook Business page offer.

How many admins can I have on my Facebook business page?

This is something I’d never even thought about to be honest – most of the Facebook business pages we manage have 3 or 4 admins, including me and @leighquantrill, so I hadn’t even wondered how many admins a page can have!

But I recently acquired a client (who I can’t tell you about or even promote unfortunately) who wanted a Facebook page with 100+ admins on it and he asked me the question.

So, how many admins CAN you have on your Facebook business page?

The answer, according to Facebook themselves, is as many as you like!

This was quite interesting to me, as I’m looking for foodie people to become admins on our Recipe Queen page, which I’m going to be building up in the next few months, so it seems the sky is the limit!

I’m not sure that many people will need to have 100+ admins on their Facebook fan page, but at least we have an answer πŸ™‚


How to promote your Facebook Fan / Like page to your Facebook contacts

You've got a fan page and you love it. Every day you lovingly add content and nurture it, but the fan / like count is stuck in single figures – how can you make it rise?

One thing that lots of you forget is to USE YOUR NETWORK! You have contacts on Facebook alrady, right? People who are intersted in what you do? So ask THEM to become fans of / like your page.

There are two ways to do this:

1) Share the page with your contacts.

This is the more passive of the two ways, and perhaps the easiest to do. On the bottom left of your page there is a button labeled 'Share'. I mean the VERY bottom left, way, way down there – scrolled all the way down? There it is πŸ™‚ It looks like this:

facebook share button

Clicking on that button will post details of your page to your Facebook profile, with the option to add a message if you want:

post your facebook page to your profile page

So your update will appear in people's news streams and they can then choose to become a fan of your page.

The second way takes a little more time, but is usually more effective in gaining fans.

2) Top left, underneath the logo of your page, is a link that says: Suggest this page to friends:

suggest to friends

Once you click on that, a pop up box will appear with details of all of your friends in it – you can filter these by various criteria but the default view is all of your friends:

friends list

If your friends are faded out, this means you've already invited them or they are already fans of your page. Anyone else can be clicked on to be invited – you can click on as many as you like, and then press 'send invitations' and they will receive an invitation to become a fan of / like your Facebook fan page.

Don't send invitations too often, and don't invite the same people all the time (once they 'ignore' your invitation, it appears that the Facebook system lets them be invited again so it's worth keeping a note of who you invited if possible).

Hopefully this post will help you to gain more fans for your page – and remember, you can do the same for any page you're a fan of / have liked, so if you find a fab Fan / Business page you just want to tell everyone about (cough…) then you can invite people to follow it in the same ways mentioned above.

Have fun!

Adding someone else as an Admin on your Facebook Fan Page

admin1If you have a Facebook Fan Page, and you need to make someone else an Admin on the page (for example, if you have more than one member of staff updating the page, or you’ve hired someone like us to help out with your page), the process is as below.

First of all click on the link on the left, underneath your Fan Page profile picture, that says “Edit Page”. This takes you to the page where you can change different parts of your fan page. You can see what this link looks like on our fan page from the image on the left here.

Once on the editing page, you need to scroll down and look on the right of the page where you will see ‘Admins’. This will show you who is currently listed as an admin on your page – more than likely just you at the moment.

On the right is a link to ‘Add’ an Admin, and when you click on that, it brings up a list of people who are fans of the page (see image below). If the person you want to add is a fan of your page, you can simply find them in the list and add them as an admin – they will get an email telling them that you have done so.

The other option (if they are not a fan of the page) is to add them by using their email address. Again they will be sent an email to tell them they’ve been made an Admin of your page.


It’s worth noting that once someone is an Admin on your Facebook Fan Page, their posts on that page will appear to come from the page, not from them personally, so the avatar next to the post will be the one of the Fan Page, not their personal one – this can be a little confusing if 2 of you are posting things on the wall and replying to each other, as it looks as if the page is talking to itself!

Hopefully this will help you to add Admins to your Facebook fan page if necessary – drop us a line if you have any issues!

Your Facebook Fan Page and SEO

npAlthough the main purpose of a Facebook fan page isn’t for SEO, there’s no point ignoring SEO completely, so it was nice to come across this article on SEO for your Facebook Fan page on the SaveDelete blog.

Please go and read it over there, but in the interests of this post being more than 5 lines, I’ve summarised the bullet points below.

  • Use your brand name as your Fan Page name
  • Select the best Facebook username for your fanpage
  • Install static FBML and create additional tabs and boxes
  • Use the ‘about’ text box for optimisation of your fanpage
  • Use the ‘info’ tab for high density keywords and text
  • Create fresh content regularly
  • Attach YouTube videos
  • Post direct links and relevant sites on your wall
  • Include photos with captions and events with descriptions
  • Get more inbound links to your fan page

While I think that people may go a little overboard on the ‘about’ and ‘info’ boxes, I agree with the rest of the advice, and think it’s a great article, so please do read it if you’re interested in using your Facebook fan page to enhance your SEO.

How do I add Google Analytics to my Facebook Fan Page?

We’ve been adding Google Analytics to clients’ Facebook fan pages over the past couple of days, and they’re loving it!

It’s not difficult to do – all you need is:

  • A Google Analytics account
  • A Facebook Fanpage
  • The FBML application
  • Some generated code
  • 10 minutes spare

There’s a fantastic guide to it here: How to add Google Analytics to your Fan Page

The basic premise is:

1) Add a new profile in Google Analytics

2) Use the Analytics Tracking code here to generate some code

3) Install the FMBL application on your fan page

4) Add the code generated in step 2 to the FBML page you want to track.

5) Check stats tomorrow!

The guide in the link above is great, and walks you through the process easily.

If, however, you’re having problems and can’t get it installed, then we’re offering a basic no frills installation in return for a donation. You can purchase it below. Why a donation? Because although it takes next to no time, we can’t offer it for free or we’d be inundated and have no time for ‘real’ work. This way, if Leigh spends 6 weeks adding Analytics code to Facebook pages, at least she’ll get paid for it! You can choose the amount you pay, so just pay what you think it’s worth.


Get more fans for your Facebook fan page – post 1 of 2 today!

We’re on a bit of a Facebook Fan page mission here at NikkiPilkington.com – it seems that all of a sudden we’re building Fan Pages for clients large and small!

We love to see what others are doing with their Fan Pages, and with this in mind we’ve created the Here’s My Fan Page Fan Page!

Join as a fan, and post details of your fan page so other fans can find it! We’ll spotlight selected pages, post some of the on our other Fan Pages, and generally try to help you out with the gaining of fans.

All we ask in return is that you forward details of this page to your friends and contacts, and encourage them to join!

So please, become a fan, post details of your Fan Page, and help to spread the word!

Here's My Fanpage! on Facebook

And the other Facebook fan page post? Keep checking in or subscribe to the Feedburner feed top right to be alerted to it when it is posted!

New client welcome – SavvyWoman

Although I’m not beating any drums, I do like to work with other women in business, so when SavvyWoman’s Sarah Pennels approached me to help her out with her Facebook Fan Page, I was thrilled.

SavvyWoman is the brainchild of Sarah Pennells, who’s a well known personal finance journalist and broadcaster. Sarah has appeared regularly on BBC Saturday Breakfast and writes for several magazines.

SavvyWoman’s aim is straightforward: to help women everywhere get more from their money. The blog, Twitter account and facebook page are aimed at helping women make the most of their money in a variety of ways.

Recent posts on the SavvyWoman website include:

There’s also a great page on the website full of budgeting tools that should come in handy for most of us!

We’ve helped her to set up her Fan page, and we’ll be giving ongoing advice on working with it and gathering fans.

You can also find Sarah on Twitter, so drop her a line!

5 Things you should do to enhance your Facebook Fan Page NOW

npfbIt’s easy to start a Facebook Fan Page, post a few things, get a few fans and then run out of steam. I wonder how many Fan pages are languishing in Facebook hell with only one fan and a few blog updates, or even worse, all automated updates and no interaction?

Here are 5 things you can do right now to help your Fan Page along:

1) Hook it up to your twitter account – this means that when you add things to your FB page, they will be automatically tweeted out – you can do this at www.facebook.com/twitter

We’re not suggesting that you automate EVERYTHING to go out on Twitter – after all they’re two very different beasts. Choose carefully what you allow to go out on twitter direct from Facebook – your twitter followers will be pretty annoyed if every link you send them goes via your FB fan page, especially if they’re not Facebook members! Don’t automatically tick every box and post everything to your twitter profile, but maybe status updates and new photos is a good start.

2) Invite all your contacts to become fans. You can do this in 2 ways. Firstly by clicking on the ‘suggest to friends’ button on the page – top left. Secondly with the ‘Share’ button on the page, bottom left. The first allows you to choose friends to invite to become a fan. The second posts details of the page to your profile.

3) Become a fan of your own page by clicking on the ‘become a fan’ button! I’m always surprised by people who come to us for Facebook management and aren’t fans of their own page!

4) Once you have 25 fans, go to www.facebook.com/username and choose a ‘vanity url’ for your page. It makes it easier to remember and linking to it is easier

5) Put a ‘become a fan’ widget on your website. Details of how to do this, and other ways to promote the page are here http://www.facebook.com/facebook-widgets/

There are many more things you can do to enhance your Facebook Fan Page, and we’ll be posting about them in the future. Be sure to subscribe to this blog (Feedburner subscription, top right) to be sure you don’t miss out!

And if you need Facebook fan page ongoing management, check out our Facebook Management Service.

Getting a Facebook Fan Page username / vanity URL

Lots of people have set up a vanity URL for their Facebook profile, making it easier for people to remember their Facebook profile address – mine is http://www.facebook.com/nikkipilkington

But not everyone realises that they can do the same for their Facebook fan page.

Simply visit http://www.facebook.com/username/ where you should see the following (with your name replacing mine, of course!)

fbunClicking on the ‘set a username for your Pages’ should bring up a list of any fan pages you are Admin of. Then you can choose your name.

Choose something easy to remember, and relevant to your business. I went for http://www.facebook.com/internetmarketingbynikki

Remember though, once you’ve chosen it you can’t change it, so choose well!

Also, you can’t get a username until you have 25 fans, so make sure you’re promoting your Facebook fan page well!

There are more details on Vanity URLs / Usernames for Facebook Fan Pages here: http://www.facebook.com/help.php?page=900

Feel free to post a link to your Fan Page in the comments below – I’m looking for good examples to feature in future blog posts.

Don’t have a Fan Page? Check out our limited offer for Facebook Fan Page Creation

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