Is Social Media of value to SMEs?

That’s the question that the East Midlands Forum of Private Business asked their members, SMEs based in East Midlands. I’ve summarised the findings below, with a link to the full article afterwards, as I think it makes interesting reading.

  • 51% of members have tried websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter

of that 51%:

  • 18% found the websites ‘not useful’
  • 8% found them ‘useless’
  • Only 6% said social media was ‘very useful’ for their business
  • 31% do not use social media at all

Forum spokesman Phil McCabe said: “Our research makes for interesting reading – around a quarter of smaller businesses in the East Midlands use social media and think it works, a quarter of firms use it but don’t think it works, and the remaining half either only utilise it for personal use or don’t use it at all.

You can read the full article here

The survey also found that 22% of SMEs in East Midlands don’t have a website.

I have to admit to being surprised that only 6% of people found that social media was very useful – that statistic on its own opens up a few more questions:

  • Did those 6% have any sort of strategy?
  • How long did they ‘do’ social media for?
  • How did they measure it?
  • Did they engage, or did they broadcast?
  • What were their expectations in the first place?

Are you one of the businesses polled in the survey? I’d be interested to hear your thoughts below.


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