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AND THE WINNER IS: Angelika Davey – well done Angelika, we’ll be in touch!

In this fab November competition we’re offering our Bronze Higher Google Listings Package to one lucky winner – for free for 6 months! That’s a great prize worth over £1000!

If you’ve been struggling with SEO, aren’t sure what key phrases to focus on, or are just unsure where to start, our Package could be a great help to you.

You get:

  • Extensive key phrase research – find out which key phrases are actually worth targeting
  • Google Webmaster Tools Setup – essential to find out what’s going on with your website
  • XML sitemap – to tell Google about the pages on your website
  • Submission to directories – including ODP, a great asset to Google Listings
  • Onsite optimisation of each page of your website  (up to 10 key phrases)
  • Advice and tips
  • Weekly reports of positions
  • Ongoing recommendations
  • 1 article per month written for link building purposes – submitted to 3 main article websites and yours to use where you like!

Usually this would cost a minimum of £499 set up and then £100 a month – but we’re offering it free to one lucky winner.

So, what do you have to do?

All you have to do to be in with a chance of this great prize is sign up to our newsletter using the form below – it’s THAT simple! Sign up now to be in with a chance!

Already a subscriber? Simply use the boxes top right of this blog post to sign up to receive new blog posts via feedburner, and we’ll put you in the draw too – if you do both you’ll get 2 entries!

The random draw will be made on november 30th, so sign up now before you forget!



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Should I retweet / Facebook / promote my competitors?

Let's get ready to rumble...I’ve been asked this question a couple of times recently and my answer is a resounding YES!

Sounds a bit odd, doesn’t it? Why on earth would I be recommending that you promote people you’re supposed to be in competition with?

Well, to my mind, retweeting (or promoting on facebook, your blog, etc) something that your competitors have written that may be good for your potential clients makes good business sense.

I often forward on articles from competitors, tweet them out to my ‘followers’, post them on my Facebook page, etc, because I feel it shows that:

  • I care about my potential clients – this info is good for them even if I didn’t write it myself
  • I’m not afraid of a bit of healthy competition – I’m a great believer that there’s enough business out there for everyone
  • I’m keeping up to date in my industry – by reading what others are putting out

In addition it fosters a certain sense of loyalty from those that I help to promote – if they get too much work, or have clients they can’t deal with, they’re more likely to think of me, as I’ve been a supporter of theirs, than someone who they’ve never interacted with.

I learn from my peers and competitors every day, and I hope that they learn from me. I repay that by retweeting and helping to promote them. Are you brave enough to do the same thing?

I’d be interested in your thoughts on this one as it can be quite an emotive subject 🙂

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Want to win a website marketing package worth £4599?


STOP PRESS! The competition was won by Samatha Higgs – more details soon!

Maybe it’s because Summer is over and we need cheering up when we look out of the window at the fog…

Maybe it’s because we’re still riding high after our week of special offers

Maybe it’s because we love our work..

Whatever the reason, we’re offering a fab Website Marketing package worth £4599 to one lucky person, and that person could be you!

What’s in the package Nikki?

All services are for 6 months, and the prices mentioned above are based on setup fees and 6 x monthly fees. The total is a fantastic £4599!

So how do we win it then?

This is the easy bit! All you have to do is ‘Like’ our Facebook Business page! That’s it! Then on October 31st (ooh spooky…) we’ll throw all of our Facebook ‘fans’ into a random generator and pick out a lucky winner!

That’s it?

Yep, that’s it – go to our Facebook Business Page, click on the Like button at the top, and you’re in with a chance! Ask a question on the page and we’ll put you in the draw twice!

Post details of our offer on your own Facebook profile (use the ‘share’ button right at the bottom on the left) and we’ll enter you a third time!

It’s that simple – so if you want to have your website promoted by us for 6 months for free, go ‘Like’ us now and say Hi!

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Giving business to your competitors can be a GOOD thing!

«That's for you!!!»Here at, we have a policy that we won’t take on more than 2 companies in the same industry, and even then not for the same services.

So if a company comes to us looking for higher Google listings, but we already have a client in the same industry looking at the same keyphrases, we have to say no – otherwise we’re just competing with ourselves, and where’s the honesty in that?

But rather than just turn people away in this type of situation, I generally try to help them out. After all, they’ve usually come to me because they’ve heard something about me online, and I’m hardly helping my reputation if I just say “Sorry, can’t help you, bye!” now am I?

So what I tend to do is refer them to other people in my industry, depending on what they want. And yes, by ‘other people in my industry’, I mean my competitors…

A week or so ago I was approached by a client in financial services, who wanted SEO – I couldn’t take him on so I referred him to someone else, who is now happily helping him out. A few days ago a games company came to me for SEO too nd I referred him on to someone else, as I already have a client in that industry. A few weeks ago someone came to me wnting me to speak on social media to a large conference – I couldn’t do it and so recommended yet another of my competitors.

In all 3 cases, the people that I said “No, I can’t help you but here’s the number of my competitor” were amazed – why would I not only be turning business down, but be passing it on to a competitor of mine? Two of the people I passed business to were also quite surprised that I’d bothered.

But why shouldn’t I do this? OK, any future business from those clients may be lost to me, and if in future they’re asked for recommendations, it might not be me that they recommend, but at the end of the day, they needed help and I couldn’t give it.

To my mind there’s enough SEO and Social Media Marketing business to go around for all of us – I’d rather risk future business from one potential client by referring them to someone I know is good at what they do, than risk them finding a cowboy company and spending the next 6 months slagging off the industry I work in because they’ve been ripped off.

Also, by referring someone to a competitor company who can help them, I’ve done my good deed for both parties, and the hopeful side of me says they’ll remember that in future (givers’ gain and all that!).

So if you’re wary of recommending your competitors, maybe think again – by having a few trusted people you can refer business to, you just might enhance your reputation – and you never know, you might find your competition referring business to you too 😉

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