So who else do you write blogs for? Err, we can't tell you…

?It’s one of the questions I dread the most, and I always giggle nervously when it gets asked.

“So who else do you write blogs for?”

See, we ‘ghostwrite’ blogs for loads of different industries – just thinking off the top of my head of the blog posts I’ve written today, they’ve been for:

  • a women’s coaching website
  • a cosmetic surgeon
  • a company providing workwear
  • a video production company
  • a telemarketing company
  • a website selling children’s clothes
  • a car rental website
  • a business networking website

to name but a few.

We take the time to understand their business, we write about their products and services, comment on items in the news, keep their blog up to date and help them to generate visitors and leads.

We even have a special offer on blogging for January.

But I still struggle every time someone asks me to show them the blogs we write for others. Because a part of the blogging service is that as far as anyone knows, it’s YOUR blog, and it’s produced by you, in the same way that a ghostwritten book is often not actually written by the person named as the author.

Now to my mind, there’s nothing wrong with having your blog written by someone else, as long as they understand your business, your service, and the things your potential clients want to read. It saves you time, makes sure your blog is regularly updated and ensures that you get all the good bits of having a blog (readers, comments, good search engine positions etc) and hopefully none of the bad (down time, lack of focus, ages spent thinking up titles etc).

But I can completely understand why our blogging clients don’t want others to know that we’re writing their blog for them, and so I’ll continue to protect their anonymity.

Potential clients can of course read our own blog, but my tone when writing for myself is very informal and often quite blunt, which isn’t always the case for client blogs that I write!

So it’s a conundrum I’ll continue to puzzle over – which is a shame because I do really love doing the blogging side of my job, writing short posts that generate response and comments, pointing towards great services and products or just ‘chewing the fat’ over 300 words or so.

I’d welcome any ideas as to how to get over this hurdle, and also look forward to the ‘why you shouldn’t get someone else to write your blog’ comments I’ll no doubt generate with this post 🙂
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Blogger adds Webmaster Tools verification – about time too!

Considering it’s owned by Google, you would have thought that WMT verification and use for Blogger would have come along a lot quicker, eh?

Well, it’s here – they say:

Ever wonder why your blog shows up where it does in the Google search rankings? With our new Webmaster Tools integration that information is just a click or two away.

Webmaster Tools is a Google service that provides you with detailed information about your website’s visibility to Google’s search engine. You can see how often Google’s web crawlers visit your site, find out who links to your site, what searches are used to find your site, and even control how your page appears in the Google web results.

We’ve added a new link from the Blogger in Draft dashboard to take you directly to Webmaster Tools. If you follow it, we’ll add all your blogs to Webmaster Tools and verify them for you automatically. From there, you can poke around and learn about how Google search sees your blog.

They’ve also made some other changes and additions, as they say in their post on Blogger in Draft:

  • Google Gadget integration continues to improve, with better editing of gadget preferences.
  • The new look for the Dashboard has seen a handful of tweaks, including a new button style that we’re trying out and, by popular demand, the “show all blogs” toggle is now sticky.
  • The subscribe page element has been published to WWW.
  • We’ve added a “Make Blogger in Draft my default dashboard” to the Blogger in Draft dashboard, so now you don’t have to remember to type “” instead of “”
  • So you can easily keep up with the news, we’ve added this blog as a tab on the Blogger in Draft Dashboard.

But that’s not what you came here for. You wanted this:

  • Webmaster Tools Verification. Turn this on to automatically add and verify all your blogs on Google’s Webmaster Tools.
  • Star ratings. Add a 0–5 star rating control to the bottom of your posts so that your readers can rate them.
  • Import / export of blogs. Back up all of your posts and comments to one Atom XML file on your computer, and import your posts from one blog to another.
  • Embedded comment form. By incredibly popular demand, we’ve brought the comment form to your blog’s post pages, with support for Google Account and OpenID authentication.
  • New post editor. We’ve completely revised the post editor, bringing in drag-and-drop image placement and better HTML handling.
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