How do I get more targeted traffic to my blog?

A question I’m asked a lot, and one of the things that may help is something I covered in my blog over on Birds on the Blog today – Make your blog posts answer questions for more targeted traffic.

Feel free to nip over there and add your blog to the comments so I can help you out too!

Me, my business, my pregnancy and Birds On The Blog

A lot of you will already have seen this as it’s been in various places, so my apologies, but I wanted blog subscribers that don’t know me from elsewhere to have a chance to see it too.

I’ve recently become involved with a project called Birds on The Blog, which is a group of women (and one man!) blogging about various things to do with business and life – it’s a new project that is yet to define itself properly, but i’m enjoying being involved and looking forward to seeing what it turns into.

My first post is about the response some people had to finding out I was pregnant – it also covers a little of how I started doing what i do, and there have been some great comments already.

I’d appreciate you reading it and possibly passing it on, commenting, retweeting etc, as BOTB is a new site and new readersa re always welcome.

There are some other great posts on the site too:

To point you to but a few.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on my blog, as well as on Birds on the Blog too!

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