7 Things You Can Do To Make Your Content Social Media Friendly

socmedfpWhen marketing your website online through social media channels you need to do things a certain way. It’s a bit like redecorating your house; you could do it quickly and as cheaply as possible. But will it look good, and will it last?
In this article we’ll cover 7 things you can do to make your website content social media friendly. If you follow all the steps listed below you should stand a great chance of scoring highly with social media sites as well as effective search engine optimisation.

Let’s get started:

1. Include a picture
If you’re going to bookmark your blog or content, but it doesn’t have an associated picture with it, it’s not as attention grabbing. Think about it; when you’re on a social website and you see a picture next to text; you’re drawn to it.

2. Title tag
If you bookmark your content to a social site; your pages title tag is often used as the title. If your website has the title “My Amazing Blog | Updating daily with super cool content” it’s not going to grab the attention of others. Give each page on your website a unique and grabbing title.

3. Social media buttons
They’re so simple to install and most blogs come with them pre-installed! The buttons next to a blog that allow users to instantly add your website to their favourite social media sites are a great way to help your visitors help your online marketing.

4. Allow comments
Many website owners disable commenting on their blog posts. However, it makes your site interactive. It allows your visitors to talk to you personally. Even more so; it adds more unique content to your website. By enabling comments on your website you might get more people returning to check if their comments have been replied to.

5. Controversial comments
If you do enable comments, do you allow the negative ones? Not everyone is going to agree with what you say and debate sparks interest. If people disagree or even get angry over your content, allow others to read. You’ll soon have many comments and conversations going on.

6. Title for tweets
If you’re tweeting your updates; make sure your titles aren’t too long. Twitter has a 140 character limit on its tweets so just keep an eye out for titles that are too long. Sometimes you can still have an effective, attention grabbing title but without the length.

7. Easy to read
With modern communication channels such as Twitter and FaceBook people don’t always have enough time to read a long article. By making some of your content short but sweet you may engage more readers

If you can implement all of the above tips into your website or blog you’ll be well on your way to social media friendly content. You can expect to see more visitors to your website and an increased client database too.

Need more advice? Check out my Social Media Marketing Mentoring from just £25 a month!


See our article in Better Business Focus

We were thrilled to be included in the January 2011 edition of Better Business Focus, and the folks there have kindly said we can share that issue with you, so here it is!

Click on the image to download the PDF

Click on the image to download the PDF

Published by Bizezia, you can find out more on their website.

Are you in one of these categories and want some free promotion?

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The fantastic Ezine Articles has added more categories to it’s article website – we’re big fans of article marketing here at NP, as they’re a great way to increase credibility and backlinks, and spread the word about your business.

So, if you’re in one of these categories, get writing over the Christmas break and start 2011 with some great free promotion!

(Can’t / don’t want to write your article yourself? Let us write it for just £30!)


  • Arts-and-Entertainment: Body-PiercingsArticles about/concerning Body Piercings, Earrings, Nose Rings, Belly Rings, Body Piercing Materials and Tools, Body Piercing Shops, Piercing Prohibitions and Taboos, Body Piercing Jewelry, History and Risks.
  • Arts-and-Entertainment: Filmmaking-and-Film-Editing – Articles about/concerning Filmmaking, Cinematography, Movie Making, Audiography, Filmmaking Schools and Courses, Film Production, Film Editing and Directing, Screenplays, Development, Pre and Post-Production, Independent Filmmaking, Tools and Equipment, History, Sales and Distribution, Cameras and Popular Filmmakers.
  • Arts-and-Entertainment: Painting – Articles about/concerning Painting, Painting Techniques and Guides, Painters, Oils, Watercolor, Acrylic, Brushes and Canvases, Elements, Media, Digital Painting, Styles and History.


  • Automotive: Buying-Selling-AuctionsArticles about/concerning Auto Auctions, Local and International Auto Auction Dealerships, Repo and Police Auctions, Salvaged Auctions, Repossessed Auctions, Pricing, Condition and Inspection.
  • Automotive: Car-Detailing-Customization – Articles about/concerning Auto Detailing, Car Valeting, Body Kits, Interior and Exterior Detailing, Cleaning, Polishing and Protecting, Restoration, Engine Detailing, Car Accessories, Auto Detailing Supplies, Tips and Service.


  • Cancer: Brain-CancerCancer articles pertaining to the brain. This may include: Brain Tumors, Metastatic Tumors, Uncontrolled Mitosis, Anaplasia, Invasion or Infiltration of the Brain, Metastasis, Medulloblastoma, Ependymoma, And Low-Grade Glioma, Glioblastoma Multiforme, Oligodendroglioma, Diagnosis and Treatment and other related medical terminology.


  • Computers-and-Technology: ProgrammingArticles about/concerning Computer Programming, Coding, Designing and Debugging/Troubleshooting, Programming Language, Software Engineering, Modern Programming, Programmers, Requirements Analysis, Software Architecture, Software Testing and History.
  • Computers-and-Technology: Registry-Cleaners – Articles about/concerning Registry Cleaners, Windows Registry, Advantages and Disadvantages, Registry Damage, Recovery Capability, Utility Software and Best Registry Cleaners.
  • Computers-and-Technology: Spyware-and-Viruses – Articles about/concerning Spyware, Computer Viruses, Anti-Virus Software, Anti-Spyware Software, Adware and Malware, Scareware, Keyloggers, Privacy-Invasive Software, Spyware Effects and Behaviors, Computer Surveillance, Cyber Spying, Employee Monitoring Software, Remedies and Prevention.


  • Food-and-Drink: BBQ-GrillingArticles about/concerning Grilling, BBQ Grilling, Broiling, Electric Grills, Gridironing, Charcoal Kettle-Grilling, Sear Grilling, Charbroiling, Sauces, Marinades and Rubs, BBQ Grilling Tips and Techniques.
  • Food-and-Drink: Cooking-Supplies – Articles about/concerning Cooking Supplies and Cooking Utensils, Baking Supplies, Outdoor Cooking Supplies, Cookware, Bakeware, Pots and Pans, Ovens, Microwaves, Toasters, Dutch Ovens, Griddles, Pressure Cookers, Kitchenware and Cutlery.
  • Food-and-Drink: Vegetarian-Recipes – Articles about/concerning Vegetarian Recipes, Vegetarian Cuisine, Vegan Recipes, Veganism And Fruitarianism, Tofu and Tempeh.


  • Health-and-Fitness: EczemaArticles about/concerning Eczema, Psoriasis, Dermatitis, Dry Skin, Skin Rashes, Atopic Eczema, Behavioral Approach, Infantile Eczema, Eczema Diagnosis, Therapy, Treatment, Inflammation, Prevention and Cures.
  • Health-and-Fitness: Hemorrhoids – Articles about/concerning Hemorrhoids, Piles, Stools, Bleeding Hemorrhoids, Internal and External Hemorrhoids, Hemorrhoids Symptoms and Causes.
  • Health-and-Fitness: Holistic – Articles about/concerning Holistic Approach, Holistic Healing, Holistic Healing and Medicine, Confirmation Holism, Gestalt Therapy, Synergy, Holistic Healers, Ayurveda Medicine, Chinese Medicine, Herbal Remedies and History.
  • Health-and-Fitness: Nursing – Articles about/concerning Nursing, Pediatric Nursing, Optimal Health and Quality of Life Recovery, Nursing Science, Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), Registered Nurse (RN), Nurse Practitioner, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Registered Nurse First Assistant, Practice and History.
  • Health-and-Fitness: Spa-and-Wellness – Articles about/concerning Spa and Wellness, Spa Health, Spa Fitness, Bathing, Sauna, Steam Bath, Body Wraps, Facials, Waxing, Manicures and Pedicures, Best Spa and Wellness Resorts and Hotels, Destination Spa, Hot Springs Resorts and Day Spas.


  • Home-and-Family: Adolescent-CareArticles about/concerning Adolescent Care, Pediatrics, Pediatrics Medicine, Pediatricians, Children’s Hospitals, Child Life Specialists and Neonatologists.
  • Home-and-Family: Woodworking – Articles about/concerning Woodworking, Woodworkers, Cabinet Making, Wood Carving, Lath Art, Saw Pits, Woodturning, Fire Hardening, Woodworking Projects and Supplies, Tack Cloth, Woodworking Benches and History.


  • Investing: Gold-Silver – Articles about/concerning Investing in Gold and Silver, Gold and Silver Coins, Prices, Stocks, Bullion, Gold Bars, Exchange-Traded Products, Investment Strategies, Technical Analysis, Taxation, Derivatives, CFDs And Spread Betting.



  • Real-Estate: Agents-Realtors – Articles about/concerning Real Estate Agents and Realtors, Real Estate Brokers, Landlords, Commercial Realtors, Buyer’s Agents, National Association of Realtors (NAR), Certified Residential Specialist (CRS), Trade Associations, Code of Ethics, Buyer Brokerage, Agency Relationship, Listing Contracts, Real Estate License and Training.


  • Recreation-and-Sports: SquashArticles about/concerning Squash Sport, Squash Racquets, Fives, Handball, Professional Squash Association (PSA), Popular Squash Players, Squash Courts and Equipment, Strategy, Tactics, Rules and History.


  • Reference-and-Education: Standardized-Tests – Articles about/concerning Standardized Tests, Design and Scoring, Educational Assessments, Norm-Referenced Tests, Evaluation Standards, Preparing and Studying for Standardized Tests, Advantages and Disadvantages, Different Types and History.


  • Travel-and-Leisure: Hiking-BackpackingArticles about/concerning Hiking, Backpacking, Tramping, Trekking, Bushwalking, Hiking and Backpacking Gear, Travel and Food, Winter Backpacking, Flashpacking, Hiking Trails, Geocaching, Orienteering, Long-Distance Trails, Scouting, River climbing, River Trekking or Mountain Stream Climbing, Skills and Safety.
  • Travel-and-Leisure: Staycations – Articles about/concerning Staycations, Staycationers, Stoliday, Holistay, Daycation, Day Trips, Vacations Close to Home, Staycation Ideas and Tips, Benefits and Risks.
  • Travel-and-Leisure: Travel-Planning – Articles about/concerning Travel Planning, Green Travel Planning, Workplace Travel Planning, School Travel Planning, Road Trip Planning, Travel Planners, Transportation Planning, Travel Behavior, Personalized Travel Planning, Travel Blending, Travel Tips and Advice.
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Article Marketing – friend or foe?

Article marketing – the practice of submitting written editorial to article publishing websites that then redistribute them to other sites throughout the internet – has slipped in and out of fashion in recent years, with commentators tending to fall into two camps: love it or hate it.

In one camp there are those who argue that spreading your carefully written advice across the internet sends traffic in the wrong direction; while other advocate it as an effective way to raise ones profile online. So who’s right? Is article marketing a boon or a boob?

Like any marketing activity, there are advantages and disadvantages, but it’s my feeling that the pros outweigh the cons, and you can read why in the full article.

(Another big thanks to Emily Cagle of Emily Cagle PR for placing this article with Bytestart, the small business portal.)

Two new articles – Internet Marketing Myths & Brand Trashing Online

A big thanks to Mad.co.uk for featuring two of our recent articles on their website. And an even bigger thanks to Emily Cagle of Emily Cagle PR, who has been doing some great PR work for us, and is responsible for bringing us to Mad’s attention. If you’re looking for online PR, then drop her a line and see if she can help you too!

Below is a synopsis of each article, with a link so you can read the full thing if you want to!

It’s every business’s worst internet nightmare: you head over to Google, tap in your company name to see how your web presence is coming along, and there in prominent position is something far from positive about your brand. Deserved or not, this entry could be damaging your business with every passing second. Nikki Pilkington, founder of NikkiPilkington.com explains more.

It’s very common for a business’s first foray into internet marketing to be a low cost DIY job, but this approach carries risks explains Nikki Pilkington, owner/founder of NikkiPilkington.com.

Here are ten of the most common misconceptions about internet marketing, and what you need to know to ensure you don’t fall foul of a DIY disaster.

Have you developed your ‘Circle of Credibility’?

I’ve been talking about this for a while, but this is the first chance I’ve had to put thoughts into words properly, so hopefully it will ring a few bells with some of you!

We’re all pretty much aware by now that one of the first things a potential client does when considering working with you is to ‘Google’ you – they’ll head off to google and type in your company name, maybe your director / owner’s name, and probably look through a few listings to see what others are saying about you.

The results that are shown here form the basis of what I call your ‘Circle of Credibility‘. Your Circle of Credibility is the extent to which you appear to be credible online. When someone searches for you, what’s the impression you get?

Without a doubt your company website should be appearing on the front page of those results, whether the search is for your company name or your boss’s name, but what else can appear in that search result to help compound the good feeling the potential client is going to get? And just as importantly, what can appear that can make you look bad?

The Good

Your company website. Ideally your website will be in the number one position, and if you’re lucky, you’ll have prominent links showing to the main areas of your website, including testimonials.

Your website is probably the first thing someone will be looking for, so make sure it contains some great testimonials / reviews, and shows you at your best. Case studies, examples of work and quotes from happy clients are great for showing you in a good light.


– Your blog. Whether your blog is attached to your website, or a separate entity, it gives any potential client a flavour of your thoughts, opinions and expertise. A quick read through a corporate blog can often tell you much more than a company website, as a blog tends to be more informal and have more of a ‘personality’ – make sure yours is visible and showing the side of you that you want people to see.

– Your Twitter profile. Of course, this is only a good thing if you WANT people to find it, and if you’ve thought about your company image and brand while posting tweets 🙂 If your Twitter profile is full of ‘Got a hangover and don’t know the name of the man I woke up with this morning’ then it’s probably best if you give it a different name 😉

However, if you use your Twitter profile as part of your company brand then having it show up as one of the results for your company name is a good thing.

Your LinkedIn and online networking profiles. Along with places such as UK Business forums, UK Business Labs, Xing, WeCanDo.biz, BT Tradespace and more, your LinkedIn profile shows that you appear in various places online that are related to business. These profiles, especially if very active and up to date, show that you’re not just a fly by night, and that you can be tracked down in the event of any problems. This is especially important if you’re a ‘virtual’ company, in my opinion.

Articles you’ve written. Whether they are articles on your own site, or articles on somewhere authoritative such as Ezine Articles, having your content easily findable shows you spend time promoting yourself, and those articles could be the difference between you showing your expertise or becoming just another ‘also ran’ in the competition for someone’s business.

Interviews. If you’ve been asked to do interviews and the transcripts or audio files are online, then they’re a great way for a potential customer to learn more about you – if you’ve not been asked to do interviews, start making it known that you’re available!

Videos. Whether it’s your very own YouTube channel, or videos on your site, having videos show up in the search results for your company name is a good thing. Not everyone likes reading reams of text about how great you are 😉

Your Facebook profile and / or  Fan Page. This is only a good thing if you’re aware that your Facebook profile could be seen as part of a ‘fact finding’ mission by potential customers. If your profile is available to all (and Fan Pages are by default) then make sure it shows your best side, not just your wild and possibly drunken side 😉

Basically, you want the search results for your company or your name to show a well rounded promotion of your company and services. When people see your website, your blog, your Twitter profile and Facebook Fan Page, numerous articles written by you, interviews, videos etc, they see that you’ve been around a while, that you’re not going anywhere and that you’re probably the person that they want to deal with.

That’s why we always recommend to our clients that they have up to date profiles in as many places as possible, that they blog and write articles regularly, and that they bear in mind their Circle of Credibility, no matter what they’re doing online.

Need help with some of the things mentioned above? Drop me a line to nikkipilk@gmail.com

Better Business Focus – free downloadable business magazine

We’re featured in the December issue of Better Business Focus, with our article “10 Ways to Make Article Marketing Work for You”

Better Business Focus is an internet-based monthly magazine that is
personalised to your firm, underlining your credentials as a specialist
business adviser. It will strengthen your clients’ confidence in your
firm and demonstrate that you are a progressive and innovative
organisation, willing to go that extra mile…

It was a bit of a surprise to us, as we didn’t know we were going to be featured (hence the rather dodgy picture of Nikki!), but they tell us that “Better Business Focus is an internet-based monthly magazine that is personalised to your firm, underlining your credentials as a specialist business adviser. It will strengthen your clients’ confidence in your firm and demonstrate that you are a progressive and innovative organisation, willing to go that extra mile” so we’re not really complaining!

There are some other good articles in there, and you can download it with this link: December_Bizezia

You can find out more about Better Business Focus at www.bizezia.com

5 Things Article Submissions can do for you

I’m a big fan of Article Marketing, and have been for over ten years – in fact I still get business from an article that I originally wrote back in 1995!

But when I speak to people online, it amazes me how many of them think article marketing is a waste of time, isn’t for them, won’t do them any good, or simply haven’t heard of it!

I haven’t yet found a small business website that couldn’t be helped in some way with a targeted article marketing plan, so here’s my list of 5 ways that article marketing can work for you:

1) Article Marketing establishes you as An Expert. Writing knowledgeably about your services or industry shows that you know what you’re talking about, and encourages people to trust you.

2) Article Marketing spreads the word. By submitting your article to the best article websites, you can reach more readers and find people who wouldn’t normally have visited your website.

3) Article Marketing helps SEO – by including relevant and targeted links from your articles, you’re helping Google to not only find your site, but learn a little more how to categorise it. Anchor texted links from well thought of websites can help your SEO tenfold.

4) Article Marketing adds content to your website. Google loves content rich websites, and adding new pages gives you things to blog about, Tweet about and generally tell your contacts about.

5) Article Marketing gets you exposure. Journalists often refer to articles they have found online in order to find an expert for a comment or quote in articles they write.

There are many other reasons to carry out article marketing – see the following articles for more details:

So if you’ve been thinking about Article Marketing, but not yet gotten around ot it, or you’re not sure it will work for you – give it a go!

If it’s submitting the articles in various places that’s wrrying you, check out our Article Marketing special offer – submission to the top 20 article websites, plus a whole lot more, for just £30!

Article marketing – are you in one of these 17 niches?

In my articles, Become an Expert and Ten Top Tips to Make Article Marketing Work For You, I explain how Article Marketing can help to not only establish you as an expert, but also to bring in valuable and targeted traffic to your website. (And yes, in some cases it can also help with the Mighty Google…)

One of the best (if not THE best) article sites on the web is Ezine Articles. Ezine Articles is run by Chris Knight and his team, who also run the fab “Top 7 Business” site. (Which reminds me, I must reformat some of my articles for that site; it’s been a while).

One of the things that I love about Ezine Articles is that Chris et al never stand still – they’re always innovating, changing and updating. They react to customer/member suggestions, and they’re very approachable. In fact, if you’re not following Ezine Articles on Twitter, you should be – Chris is one of the few ‘internet celebrities’ to interact with his followers, and realise that Twitter is in fact a two way street. But I digress…

Ezine Articles have announced today that they have added 17 new categories to their database – have a look and see if you fit into any of them. Do you have articles written that you could submit? If not, could you write an article and submit it? You can’t think of anything to write about? PM me and I’ll send you 5 article titles off the top of my head – call it a Christmas present if you will smile

The categories are:

# Animation
Articles about/concerning Animation, Computer Animation, Animation Studios, Animation Videos, 3D Animations Styles, Photoshop Animation, Pixel Animation, Digital Design.

# Career Advice
Articles about/concerning Career Coaching, Career Planning, Career Counseling, Job Decisions, Leadership Development, Job Education/Career Education, Choosing Career Path, Career Advice.

# Consulting
Articles about/concerning Business Consulting, Startup Business Consulting, Small Business Consulting, Management Consulting.

# Job Search Techniques
Articles about/concerning Job Search Techniques, Job Hunting, Temporary Agencies, Job Centers, Strategic Planning in Searches, Online Search Strategies, Employment Guides.

# Workplace Safety
Articles about concerning OSHA, Workplace Job Safety, Occupational Safety, Workplace Training, Regulatory Compliance, where to locate your safety information at work, Human Resource’s Role in Workplace Safety.

# Radio
Articles about/concerning Radios, Car Radios, Radio Stations, HD Radio, AM/FM Radio, HAM Radios, Digital Radios, Two-Way Radios… but not including XM/Sirius Satellite radio as we already have a category for that.

# Budgeting
Articles about/concerning Budgeting, Finance Budgeting, Personal Budgeting, Budgeting Software, Building Budgets, Strategic Budgeting, Business Budgeting.

Articles about/concerning Content Management Systems, Enterprise CMS, Web CMS, Open Source PHP, Content Organization, Content Storage, Website Management.

# Futures-and-Commodities
Articles about/concerning Futures and Commodities, Commodity Trading, Commodity Investing, Commodities Market, Futures Exchange, Futures Trading, Futures Contracts.

# Elder-Law
Articles about/concerning elder care as it relates to law, Elder Will, Elder, Trusts, Power of Attorney, Estate Planning including Taxes, Medicaid, Disability, and long-term care issues as it deals with law,

# Collectible Jewelry
Articles about/concerning Fashion Jewelry, Designer Jewelry, Fine Jewelry, Jewelry Care, Vintage Jewelry.

# Adventure Travel
Articles about/concerning Adventure Travel, Whitewater Rafting, Blackwater Rafting, Rock-River Tubing, Mountain Hiking, African Safari’s, Wildlife Touring, Polar Expeditions, Travel Accommodations.

# City Guides and Information
Articles about/concerning City Guides and Information Centers, Online Guides, City Information, Travel Guides, Expert Recommendation.

# Golf Travel and Resorts
Articles about/concerning Golf Travel, Golf Resorts, Golf Vacation Reviews, Golf Travel Tips, Golf Bags and Travel Cases.

# Menopause HR
Articles about/concerning Menopause Symptoms, Hormone Replacement Therapy, Pre-Menopausal Systems, Post-Menopause, OTC Treatments, Treatment and Care, Symptoms and Treatment.

# Publishing
Articles about/concerning Publishing, Self-Publishing, Book Publishing, Getting Published.

# Technical Writing
Articles about/concerning Technical Writing, Formal Writing, How To, Online Technical Writing, Strategies in Technical Writing.

They are also in the process of launching more categories, as mentioned here.

If you don’t identify with one of those categories, why not pop along to Ezine Articles and see if you can find another category suitable for you?

If you need any help writing articles, you know where I am wink

Nikki Pilkington

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