Find out when a Twitter username becomes available

registerIt's pretty annoying when you register with Twitter and find out that the username you really want has gone. I'm lucky, there aren't many Nikki Pilkingtons around who want a Twitter account, but if your, or your company name is more common, then you may have had a problem getting the Twitter username you wanted.

Back in January Twitter let it be known that they would be releasing old unused names back into the wild as it were – so if someone had registered the name you wanted, but hadn't logged in for a certain amount of time, and the account was obviously unused, then it would be possible to clim the name – IF you were quick enough.

But what if you weren't quick enough? You could miss the name AGAIN, and how frustrating would that be?

The fantastic TwitterCounter have come to the rescue with a Username Alert – so all you have to do is register the Twitter name you would like, and your email address, and they'll let you know when it becomes available. The service is free, and they won't share your email details with anyone else.

Sounds like a great idea to us, as there are a few Twitter names we wished we'd registered, so we've signed up!

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