The 30 Day SEO Challenge is FREE on Amazon Kindle over the weekend!

30dayseoYes, I’m doing it again!

Last week it was the 30 Day Blogging Challenge, this week the 30 Day SEO Challenge. On Amazon Kindle. FREE. For 3 days only.

If you’re struggling with SEO and getting your site to show up well in Google, then this ebook could be for you.

In this Challenge you’ll learn about:

  • Finding the right keyphrases
  • Making META tags work for you
  • Why Titles matter
  • How to get front page Google listings and keep them
  • Whether link building campaigns are worth it
  • How to get links to your site that really make a difference
  • and more!

Written in Nikki’s usual friendly chatty style, this 30 Day Challenge will take you from the depths of nowhere to the front page of Google in no time at all!

Get it now from Amazon

What do people say about the 30 Day Blogging Challenge?

This review is from: 30 Day SEO Challenge (Kindle Edition)
Nikki has managed to do something I’ve not seen before – easy to understand daily tasks which take you through the process of getting your SEO right. Now, I should point out that I did consider myself fairly well informed about what I need to do. I had a good awareness of tools available and considered that I hadn’t done a bad job of getting myself on page 1 of Google for my chosen phrases. However, I felt I was stuck, had pretty much implemented everything I knew but wasn’t moving forwards.The 30 SEO Challenge takes you through 30 daily tasks (the clue in the in title!) designed to guide you through the process of understanding what your customers are searching for. No specialist knowledge is needed (that’s good, because I don’t have any) and there’s no jargon. Just simple, effective tasks with a great list of resources introduced when needed. There is also a Facebook Group, specifically for the 30 Day Challengers – regular postings have kept me focused (I’ve got the attention span of a toddler!)As I said in the title of this review, I’m only on Day 8 but have seen enough to give it 5 stars. Thanks Nikki, I think I’ll be coming back to you for the 30 Day Blogging Challenge!
This review is from: 30 Day SEO Challenge (Kindle Edition)
The 30 day challenge was very easy to follow, every day a new idea to help improve my positions.
Also lots of tools, tried and tested for monitoring/boosting ranking. All in very simple non technological language. Anything I didn’t understand Nikki helped with.
Even before teh 30 days was up Bump Buddies was no 1 rank for my preferred keywords. I plan to re use it regularly.
HIghly recommend this e-book to others and any other Nikki Pilkington products.

Why is it free?

Well, my hope is that once you have received it and acted on it,you’ll pop back over to Amazon and leave me a review or maybe even buy one of my other ebooks. It’s by no means obligatory, of course, but I would love it if you did either.
So, what are you waiting for? Get it now from Amazon and kickstart your SEO today!

Pin-etiquette: Important rules for Pinterest

As you know Pinterest drives more traffic than You Tube, LinkedIn and G+ according to an analysis by Shareaholic, so it makes sense to go and get a Pinterest account and get pinning.

In this post, we are going to explore Pin-Etiquette and how to join an already established community.

Pinterest opened it’s doors in March 2010, and is is currently still in it’s beta phase. This means that it’s still developing and things can and do change.

The community is established, it’s light hearted, fun and 73% female. Given that women influence $5 billion dollars worth of spend in the US alone, it’s a great place to be to raise product and brand awareness. Of course, where the women are, the men will follow. The savvy male marketers understand that to be on the radar of women means their products reach their ideal customers in a far more powerful way – by word of mouth.

Back to Pin-etiquette.

  • Pin your images from the original source, don’t pin from Google images.
  • Pin images to the correct boards – it’s ok to have plenty of boards of diverse topics.
  • It’s ok to re-pin other pins to your boards, but check where the image comes from. If the pin is from the chances are that image is not attributed correctly.
  • Thank people for re-pinning – it’s up to you if you do this. Remember you become a trusted member of the community faster and liked for your good manners – which is a good thing
  • It’s ok to have a product in the gifts section.
  • It’s ok to have affiliate links to things that you love – like books via Amazon or other amazing products BUT

Have a balance of boards, not every board should be filled with self serving products pins or affiliate linked. Pinterest advise you that the site is for content curation and sharing rather than promoting.

What is not allowed on Pinterest?

  • Nudity or hateful content isn’t allowed and you are advised to flag up content that contains this.
  • Comments that are not respectful.

Not too many rules and it’s all common sense so far 🙂

What do you do when you find an incorrectly sourced / attributed pin?

Leave a comment for the person who owns the pin, they can then see if they can take action and get it correctly attributed. Word your comment carefully – remember the be respectful guidelines. Many of the pinners have been there for some time and being respectful will win them over – you’ll make interesting new contacts.

What if there are multiple pins attributing to different sources?

Find the original source and re-pin that one. Where possible re-pin the original sources rather than a blog post or Google image. Most bloggers will credit the image to the creator or photographer, click that link and pin that image. If there is no link or image credit, the image could belong directly to the blog’s owner so it’s ok to pin.

As you can see, it’s hard to abide by the pin etiquette and drive traffic back to your blog or website using other peoples images and creations. In the 30 day Pinterest challenge we look at ways of gaining unique, pinnable images that you can use. Grab a pre-sales copy for just £4





PR – the art and science of manipulating the media?

Public relations, the dark art of spin, snake charming – call it what you like, it has traditionally been seen as the art and science of manipulating the media – or perhaps inspiring them. Either way it was all about grabbing the headlines and dominating the airwaves and more recently cyberspace.

However high profile PR was, make no mistake it was the glamorous servant of the marketing department… But the internet has changed everything and the rules are now very, very different.

The advent of social media now means you can engage directly with clients and prospects and no longer have to rely upon the headlines to reach an audience. Indeed the converse it true, that audience no longer relies on the traditional media for news or to make known if they are unhappy with a service.

In a nutshell, now everything is PR – every interaction with the public, online or offline has the potential to impact on your image, so it is all now public relations!

This new 30 Day PR Challenge will help you through the minefield of PR and aid you in getting the exposure your company deserves!

Written by Nigel Morgan @nigel_morgan of Morgan PR, it’s an essential challenge for any business.

Prebuy your copy today for just £4 – tomorrow it will double in price!

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The 30 Day SEO Challenge is here!

It’s been great seeing you all do so well on our 30 Day Blogging Challenge, 30 Day Facebook Challenge, and sign up for the soon to be launched 30 Day Adwords Challenge, and so on August 1st 2011 we launched the challenge you’ve all been asking for – The 30 Day SEO Challenge!

The 30 Day SEO Challenge from Nikki Pilkington

In this Challenge you’ll learn about:

  • Finding the right keyphrases
  • Making META tags work for you
  • Why Titles matter
  • How to get front page Google listings and keep them
  • Whether link building campaigns are worth it
  • How to get links to your site that really make a difference
  • and more!

Alongside the Challenge is a brand new ebook – which is priced pretty reasonably we think at just £8.

Should I get the ebook or sign up for the email course?

That depends on how impatient you are 🙂

The email course will be free for the first 100 signups – after that it will be chargeable.

The ebook contains everything that’s in the course, plus a fair few extras – resources and articles that will help you – and more access to me if you need it 🙂

OK I want the ebook

Just pop over to our ebook store to pick it up – have a look at some of our other challenge ebooks while you’re there!

OK I want the email course

Cool – we reached 100 free signups pretty quickly, so I’m afraid you’ve missed the boat on that one.  However, we’re going to do things a little differently on the paid signups for this one 🙂 Instead of me telling you what to pay, you can make a donation. Minimum is £1, maximum is whatever you like. I would say if you were thinking of paying over £8 though you’d be better off getting the book 🙂 You can donate using the Paypal button below.

Things to note: Once you have paid, Paypal will route you to a page where you sign up to the emails – please wait for this to happen, or you won’t be added to the course, then you’ll email me in a grump 🙂



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