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Today let’s set up a mini FAQ. We’ve already spoken about how people often search with questions, so let’s put 4 or 5 of the questions you get asked and drop them into a blog post.

For example, I could write ‘Top 5 Social Media Questions’

They could be:

  • Does Facebook really work for business (yes)
  • Is ghost blogging wrong? (no)
  • Isn’t Twitter all about what people had for lunch? (no)
  • Isn’t blogging a waste of time? (no)
  • How do I set up a WordPress blog?

The answers could be a few lines, or a few paragraphs, but they’ll make up the bulk of the post.

What are the questions your client and customers ask you the most? Answer them in today’s blog for a ready made mini FAQ.

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  1. Like this idea a lot, probably will try this on my next blog. The questions are critical here, thinking about what customers ask more than anything else

  2. Someone once said to me that if you have a FAQ section, then your site copy isn’t up to scratch. The logic of this is self-evident, I guess. After all, if they are frequently asked questions, why haven’t you addressed them in your wider site?

    Not a criticism of this post at all. I just thought it as valid a place as any to raise the point!

  3. Thanks Nik 🙂

    I agree that your site copy should definitely include all the answers to questions people may ask, but as a standalone blog post an FAQ works really well in search engines, so I guess it’s swings and roundabouts 🙂
    Nikki recently posted..Prebuy the 30 Day SEO Challenge ebook at half price!My Profile

  4. I like seeing a FAQs page on a website – I like to have my questions answered in one place 🙂
    Alison recently posted..Top 10 Tweets this week: Facebook Embeddable Posts For WordPress and More…My Profile

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