Social Media Marketing Checklist in Mindmap form

Be warned – Mindmap is not my tool of choice, so this is pretty basic! But a few people have asked if the Free Social Media Marketing Checklist was available in MindMap format as well as PDF download, so I’ve given it a go.

I used Freemind, which is .. er, free, so if you want the mindmap and don’t have software to read it, download it and you can!

The MM has the steps from the original checklist included, as well as a couple of miscellaneous ones that weren’t on the original. It also has links included where you see the red arrows.

If anyone wants to tidy it up and make it look better, I’m happy to cobrand it with them 🙂

Click here for the mindmap

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  1. Whenever we want to audit/check some branhes or our segments from marketing point of view, so how we can make a format to collect every branch streanght and weakness as well…………

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