So Pinterest is all about housewives pinning recipes is it? Err.. no…

When my online friend Lilach Bullock told me she was appearing on Radio 5 Live to talk about social media and in particular Pinterest, I was obviously looking forward to hearing what would be said.

Tuning in, I was surprised to hear the presenters talking about how Pinterest is ‘women focused’, and ‘full of crafters’ and not giving Lilach a chance to refute that.

See, it’s just not true.

I know that Pinterest has a bit of a reputation for being populated by women posting pictures of kittens, motivational quotes, recipes and not much else, but it’s evolved beyond that, especially in the UK.

There’s a great infographic over at Web Analytics World that compares Pinterest use in the UK and the US, and if you’re looking at Pinterest from a business point of view it makes really interesting reading. Pop over and have a look, but I’ve summarised some of the points below:

  • UK users of Pinterest earn more than US users, with 29% of them in the highest esrners bracket compared with just 3% of users in the US.
  • Pinterest in the UK is frequented more by men than women. 56% of UK users are male, compared with just 17% in the US.
  • UK audiences are posting more business pins. Topics such as SEO and Marketing, Blogging, Venture Capital, Design and stats top the bill. In the US it’s very definitely dominated by crafts, gifts, interior design and home ideas, fashion and hobbies.

It sounds to me as if rather than do their research, Radio 5 lived tapped into the stereotype of US Pinterest users.

Of course, I wasn’t expecting an in depth discussion on the business use of Pinterest, but neither was I expecting to hear the same old same old spouted, and Pinterest sidelined as ‘addictive and fun’ rather than ‘useful and money generating’.

Lilach’s time was cut short as the programme was over-running, but I do question why 5 Live bothered inviting a Social Media Marketing Expert onto their program when they’d quite clearly categorised Pinterest as fluffy and not worth much interest beforehand.

I would have liked to hear them being told that if they want to see fluffy things then they can follow fluffy boards, but the power in Pinterest is with the follower, and you only see things on the boards you choose to follow. By following the right boards you can find all sorts of things that are most definitely NOT fluffy, very much business focused and definitely not just pictures of kittens; maybe 5 Live should have been following some of the right Pinterest boards, they’d have found some real UK stats.

In closing, I’ll remind everyone that radio presenters were saying similar things about Twitter just 4 or so years ago, and we all know what happened there…

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  1. Well said Nikki .

    I am neither pink or fluffy , I use Pinterest to market my CRM software. Click throughs from Pinterest far exceed any other medium I use.

  2. Thanks Nikki:) Yes it was frustrating hearing their stats but also that they overrun and I didn’t get the opportunity to speak out more…

    Oh well that’s media/PR for you.

    It’s interesting to see the differences that the UK/US have on Pinterest and whether the US demographics etc will change and be more similar to the UK….

    It’s also worth remembering that (not sure where I read the stats) people are now spending more time on Pinterest than they are on Facebook…

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