Small Business Blogging

If you have a small business and an Internet presence and you’re not already blogging, it can only be for one reason. You must be unaware of the terrific results and benefits that blogging brings to businesses all across the world.

In a recent study over 1500 SMEs were polled as to whether they blogged or not. Roughly 50% said Yes, and 50% said No. But the results of the study were a complete no-brainer. The 50% that blogged received a brilliant 55% more visitors, a phenomenal 97% more inbound links and a whopping 434% more search engine indexed pages.

At we offer a number of blogging services, from setting up blog sites, to installing plugins and advanced themes, through to actually blogging for you if you don’t have time.

Take a look at our Small Business Blogging Packages & Prices

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