Rise of Personal Branding = Return of DIY Marketing

A guest post by Sam Peters

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English: "Evolve Or DIY" (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There was a time when DIY marketing sounded a little bit crazy. Entrepreneurs who were going it alone and lighting out for new business shores were expected to hire a marketing team in order to properly brand and position a new product or service. Doing it yourself was tantamount to representing yourself at trial—foolish, arrogant, and even dangerous.

But the landscape has changed in the last couple decades and new tools are at our disposal that make hiring an entire marketing team unnecessary. In fact, solo entrepreneurs are on the rise and more and more of them are finding that new web technologies—specifically, social media, cloud services, and mobile devices—afford them the opportunity to do their own personal branding without the need of a team, fancy hardware, or even a primary office.

Social media=team of one is possible
An aggressive, prolific social media user can accomplish all the goals of a traditional marketing team online by creating dialogues with consumers and forging organic, viral campaigns. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram are just the beginning. Smaller, niche networks will be the wave of the future, allowing a more granular assessment of target demographics.

Cloud services=less hardware needed
Documents and files can be stored online and changes can be made to them that will be synchronized across a shared or private network. Therefore, you can work with clients on massive projects without the need for a preponderance of expensive hardware. This makes your output more efficient, more economical, and more secure.

Mobile devices=stop paying office rent
A DIY marketer can work on the go, facilitating projects and networking with clients with mobile devices. While an office isn’t a bad thing to have, if you’re looking to reduce your costs, working without an office has never been more legitimate. A marketing team no longer needs to be a workforce of dozens occupying an entire office floor.

Not only do these tools make it easier to inexpensively operate a business and market your own products and services, it opens doors for personal branding that previous generations of DIY entrepreneurs missed out on. The one-two punch of social media optimization and SEO makes it possible to leverage a small brand in big ways.

These innovations allow entrepreneurs and DIY marketers to focus on the important part of marketing, which is creating a personalized brand that connects with consumers. Focus your efforts on creating the kinds of relationships with clients, customers, and partners that will last for years.

This is a Guest Post written by Samantha Peters, an avid blogger who enjoys writing about various career and job related topics. Sam manages The Education Update and lives in beautiful San Diego, California.

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