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If you post a lot of your blog's content onto Facebook, you really need to include a picture with your blog posts to make it look good, stand out and not look like everything else you post on your Facebook Fan Page or profile.

But of course, you can't just go running to a search engine and steal any old picture, without giving proper credit or paying for it.

Which is where this fab plugin comes in – Photodropper for WordPress searches Flickr for pictures that you ARE allowed to use, and allows you to put them into your blog posts, along with the proper accreditation and copyright notice – all at the touch of a few buttons!

You can search by keyword to find the picture you want, choose the alignment and size, then simply press to insert into your blog – it's so simple anyone can do it!

(If your blog is a commercial one, make sure you check the 'commercial blog' box as some people on Flickr don't want their pictures used on commercial blogs)

To download this plugin, visit the Photodropper for WordPress website.

Not sure how to install plugins? See our Guide to installing WordPress plugins.

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  1. We make imagery , we've just started our blog and that means "more work".  But why make it complicated?  the way I see it, if you want to blog about something topical like The Houses of Parliment, you may as well you this Photodropper.

    Thanks Nikki.  We will be installing it I think…
    Although most of our material will be designed – this is a welcome relief to purchasing pointless stock and covering you on those times when you "forget your camera".


  2. I just wanted to stop by and thank you for mentioning our plugin. If you’ve not already, you may want to upgrade to our newest version (2.0.3) to see our new features.

    Thanks again!

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