Recent Facebook Page Changes – what do they mean?

fbpageA Guest Blog By Angie Stewart of Maginus

Last week Facebook announced an upgrade to managed pages. According to Facebook, these improvements provide “Better Communication”, “More Opportunities for Expression” and “Improved Relevancy”. So what does this all mean and how can it help you as a Facebook page owner? And what new opportunities does it open up?

Below I’ve outlined what it really means for your business and how it can help your brand.

Interact as your page

Previously, Facebook did not have the functionality to comment on other facebook pages as your page. Any comment you made on other pages would be from you personally as opposed to your page. There was a work around for this, but it was not ideal and not suitable for all situations. This new functionality allows you to increase exposure of your page by commenting on and liking other
industry relevant Facebook pages.

Notification about Fan activity

This is very useful as many find it unproductive and often unachievable to keep checking Facebook pages for activity at regular intervals. This new functionality provides you with e-mail notification of comments and activity meaning you can respond immediately to customers. You don’t need to do anything to get these notifications, as default, all administrators of your Facebook page will receive

Photos and Images at the top of the page

This is another nice option for many brands. Perhaps you want to showcase your some of products, encourage people to events with enticing images of the last ones or encourage client interaction with images of them at your store/branche/venue. There are many ways you can creatively use this space to enhance your brand.

Feature Favourite Pages

This is very useful if you are a large company with different pages for separate products or niche offerings, as you can feature one on the other. It can also be used for mutually beneficial relationships with other companies operating within a similar field. I.e. if you sell outdoor clothing, you may wish to pair up with camping sites and outdoor activity clubs for reciprocal features.

Identify Admin Users

In many situations, it’s beneficial to have a personal face to the brand. People like talking to people not logos, so the ability to show page administrators will increase interaction and trust for a lot of brands.

All in all there are some great changes that, in my mind, will really help you to grow your brand and increase your exposure.

Angie Stewart, Online Marketing Consultant at Maginus. Maginus are a Manchester based online marketing services provider. Angie is a keen contributor to many industry blogs as well as recognised as SEOAngie on Twitter.

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