Pinterest – stop adding me to your boards people, it’s SPAM!

First it was people adding me to their groups on Facebook.

Now it’s people adding me to their collaborative boards on Pinterest.


It’s nothing short of spam.

If you want me to help you build a board on Pinterest then ask me.

I don’t want to be part of your ‘fab people posting on Pinterest’ board. I don’t care about your ‘people who do well on Empire Avenue’ board.

Adding me to your boards is disrespectful, spammy and downright unprofessional.

I’m at a loss to think why people do it. I’m not going to post anything of interest me, trust me; all I’m going to do is remove myself as fast as possible.

I can only presume that you think that you’ll get lots of followers to your board because people following me on Pinterest will follow your board.

If that’s the case, I’d suggest you make more interesting boards.

Whether you do or not, stop adding me to them – all you’re doing is making me angry, and that’s not helping your cause at all.


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Author of many 30 Day Blogging Challenges, Nikki spends her time helping small businesses with Internet Marketing and Social Media Marketing. With 17 years of experience, she hasn't yet found someone she couldn't help to get more business from their website.


  1. Great post nikki, although I tried pinterest I have lost (pi)nterest as its just too much lol.

  2. My apologies Nikki , I have now removed you as admin of one of the Prospect Networking board .

  3. I think with a lot of these things some people click the let me read all your email/Facebook, etc contacts and send out invites/notices/adds, etc. to people.

  4. I’ve been on Pinterest for over a year & have only ever been invited to join one collaborative board in all this time. Maybe I’m unpopular, maybe I don’t play well with others who knows. Either way I understand why it would be annoying but also flattering to be asked to contribute.

  5. Well put Nikki – I am of the same persuasion and was thinking of pinning a message almost the same if it didn’t calm down.

  6. It’s annoying and disrespectful to presume I want to waste my time removing myself from these boards!

  7. Rebecca, yours was probably something of interest to you though – I’m a part of a couple of collaborative boards I was asked if I wanted to join. What I’m talking about are spammy ‘business’ ones that people just add you to without even asking

  8. Thanks Chris – this isn’t adding connections or spammy invitations, this is actually adding you to their board administrators, like adding you to Facebook groups without your permission

  9. YES!!! I am trying, and hoping that someday someone will come up with the ingenious idea to be able to block that!!! There’s nothing more annoying than trying to check my email only to have to weed through a hundred of these stupid notifications of someone pinning stuff to a group that you don’t even want to be a part of!!!

  10. I am very close to deleting my Pinterest account. Not because I see no benefit from it (although I surely would see more if I put some effort in to it) But because they seem incapable of eliminating the hacking that my account, and countless hundreds of others, have suffered from, and continue to suffer from. Changing passwords is not enough. And frankly it shouldn’t even come to that. For the big expander within SM, they are woefully off the pace in terms of user security.

    /off-topic rant ends/

  11. Nikki,

    I absolutely agree. I’ve now had to remove myself from 5 group boards. It wouldn’t be so bad, but when someone adds me to a board, for some reason the “send me notifications” button is ON. So, I get spammed through my email until I can figure out to remove myself from their board. AND, it doesn’t show up in my Boards, I can only access it by going through the notification email. It is HIGHLY annoying, not flattering and super irritating!

  12. The million and one email alerts is what annoyed me the most!

  13. Couldnt agree more!!!

  14. i agree im sick and tired of getting borad invites too!

  15. agreed!

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