Pinterest Management – special offer for subscribers & followers

Pinterest – it seems that everyone is talking about it, and you may be wondering what it is. Or you may just be thinking ‘Oh no not another thing I have to keep on top of!’

Either way, it’s here to stay and if you’re not taking advantage of it (especially now when it’s big in the news) then you really are missing out.

But I understand, it’s hard to find the time to manage something else, especially when there’s a learning curve to go with it.

Since I started talking about Pinterest, quite a few people have come forward and asked if I’ll set theirs up and manage it for them while they get the hang of it and see if it will work for them.

So here it is;

The Pinterest Management Package

If you don’t have time to look into this yourself, but don’t want to miss out on the great traffic and sales benefits it has, I will:

  • Set up your Pinterest account
  • Create 10 boards related to your industry
  • Pin your content, products and services to these boards regularly
  • Repin them via my other accounts
  • Encourage people to follow your boards
  • Promote them via other means

What’s in it for you?

Pinterest visitors to one site of mine yesterday

As I say in this blog about Pinterest,

Since being on Pinterest (and let’s face it you have to be on it if you’re going to talk about it) it has:

  • Become the 3rd largest referrer of traffic to my websites after Google and Twitter
  • Brought me the biggest ebook order I have had so far
  • Generated more ‘repins’ of things I have pinned than Facebook and Google+ combined
  • Generated awareness of my blog
  • Increased my reach to people who had never heard of me, a lot of whom have connected to me elsewhere now
  • Allowed me to promote my clients’ websites and blogs
  • Pointed me to various infographics and blogs that I wouldn’t have seen elsewhere
  • And yes, I have gained clients from it!

If you’re not on Pinterest you’re missing out on that traffic, those leads and those sales.

So, come on Nikki, how much?

Because this is a new service, and because I really do want everyone to try it, the cost is low. There’s no subscription, no recurring costs, just a one off fee of £50. That gives me 1 month to prove to you that it will work. If you want to continue afterwards, that’s cool, it will cost you £75 per month. If you don’t, that’s cool too, you have a fully functioning Pinterest account ready for you to take over!

So, £50 – can you invest that right now in what could be the biggest traffic generator of 2012?

I was only going to take on 5 of these, but I’m having so much fun I’ve opened it up to more! To get the most out of Pinterest today, sign up using the Paypal button below and I’ll email you as soon as I get your order.

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