Pinterest being taken over by marketers? Don’t make me laugh…

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I’m miffed…

I’m actually more than miffed, but I try to keep the swearing to a minimum on this blog.

So, Dan Perez thinks that Pinterest is being bastardized (his swearing not mine) by marketers?

A  few points to note…

  • Those mom and pop businesses you follow who post links to their Etsy crochet projects? They’re marketing
  • The post you just posted up that is bringing traffic to your site? That’s marketing
  • Those recipes you’re clicking on? That’s marketing
  • Did you pin that post on Pinterest? Umm that’s marketing…

You want to see pictures of fluffy kittens? That’s cool, yay you, there are plenty of boards for that.

The simple fact is that you only follow the people you’re interested in, and even beyond that, you don’t have to follow all of their boards!

Want to know the recipes I’m keeping for future access? I have a board for that.

Fancy finding out the nail designs I’d like to have? Yep. I have a board for that too.

Funny quotes I’ve found (and no none of them are my own) – funnily enough i have a board for that too.

Gardening, home ideas, kid’s stuff and more – I have boards for it all.

And people like you are liking, commenting on and repinning my social boards every day.

Don’t like my promotional boards? The one for Google+ for business? The one for Blogging help? The one about SEO? That’s cool. THEN DON’T FOLLOW THEM!

See, the great thing about Pinterest is that not only can you follow the people you like, you can choose only to follow the boards of theirs that are of interest to you.

So you don’t have to see the social media infographics. You don’t have to see the self promotion.  You can look at my board about hair, or home ideas, or stuff I want for my daughter.

Or you can post a ranty blog about Pinterest that will get you loads of traffic, and pretend it’s not marketing.

Your call.

Like this post? Don’t forget to check out the 30 Day Blogging Challenge, and kickstart your blogging in just 30 days!


Like this post? Don’t forget to check out the 30 Day Pinterest Challenge, and kickstart your Pinterest traffic in just 30 days!

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  1. I bet he blogs that blogging is dead too 😉

    I agree with him in some respects that yes, the marketers are taking over ie the grubby peddlers of internet magic bullets. But that’s a good thing. They only descend on places that work, that have community and where people are active. They did it with Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus (insert plug for G+ book here* ;)) and now Pinterest.

    We have choices, if we don’t like it… move.

    *am the author of the G+ 30 day challenge

  2. I really have no problem with marketing your biz on Pinterest. Some industries were made for it: restaurants, clothing retailers, jewelry stores, artists, and many others. Where I have a problem is with those people that preach against the spammers then light up Pinterest with their own self-serving “media”. Thought I made that pretty clear on my post.
    As for posting “a ranty blog about Pinterest that will get you loads of traffic”, that one made me laugh. Loads of traffic for what? You see any advertising on my site? Any products for sale? Any consulting services being offered?
    There are some people who just like to write and who think their writing is worth sharing. If you have a problem with that that’s cool. We’ll just agree to disagree (I got absolutely no problem with that).

  3. Er, Dan…

    “Loads of traffic for what? You see any advertising on my site? Any products for sale? Any consulting services being offered?”

    …how come, having read your post, I now know that you’re a film maker who does corporate shoots and weddings, etc.? Should we assume that you now have stopped offering those services? 😉

    I have a mixture of boards on Pinterest – a “business” How To Write Better board (which mostly links back to about 250 articles of free writing advice on my site) two humor boards (and funny, not those limp-d*ck proverbs and sayings) and one about horses which I love.

    You’d be surprised how many people are now following all my boards, even though one is “spammy” (oh, naughty, naughty, I advertise three of my own books. Consider my wrist slapped.)

    Anyway, as Nikki rightly says, if people on Pinterest don’t want to see or follow commercially based boards it just takes one click to vaporize them. I am really getting fed up with people whining about “spam” and “commercialization of SocMed” when it’s so easy to avoid looking at what you don’t want to see. Have people develop mass total allergy syndrome to the “delete” key?

  4. As an EVERYDAY/ALL-DAY user of PINTEREST, I felt the need to comment on this topic. Some people have obviously lost touch with what PINTERST is for, OR, maybe they think it was made for them when really it wasn’t.

    It is a “pin-board”. To me, it brings me back to when I was a teenager, I would rip ads, pictures, articles, and whatever else caught my attention and “pin” it to my wall. If you walked in my room you would know exactly what I was interested in.

    Pinterest is the SAME THING, only online. Of course there is marketing!! Without it, there would be NO Pinterest! It sounds so stupid to me that someone said that marketing was “taking over” Pinterest! Thank God there is marketing, I have found SOOOO many things that I wouldn’t have without it.

    To that person who said that we should go to another site because of the marketing on Pinterest I say…Learn how to use Pinterest the right way, or LEAVE! We won’t miss you.

  5. Rhonda Aldrich says:

    I have a board where I pin websites and bogs that have been helpful to me and that I want to use as resources. The information regarding Pinterest that you have blogged about is one of those “treasures” that I’ve discovered and would like to put you in my RESOURCE file.

    However, if you HATE being pinned, how do I save this information so that I can refer to it later?

    Also, I’ve noticed several members whose pins have the same thing written on ALL OF THEIR PINS, “just got my card, check it out” and the link is to What is this and will it effect my pins or my computer if I click on it? It just seems very odd to me.

    Oh, yeah, one more question. Since I’ve been sharing and pinning, my JUNK mail has increased greatly. I used to get 5 to 10 Junk E-mails a day. NOW, I get 15 – 20 emails in half an hour! Are these people getting my e-mail address from the pins I RE-PIN or from the source sites of the original pin that I visit?

    Thanks for all the good information. I’ve just discovered your blog (and that was from a google search trying to answer these questions) and would love to be able to keep you close at hand for future reference.

    Warm Regards,

    Rhonda Aldrich

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