How to stop receiving Game and App requests in Facebook

I don’t know about you, but the onslaught of game and app requests on Facebook is driving me mad!

OK, so my friends may want to play bingo, slots and poker. They may want to know their latest Klout score, or add people to their birthday list.

They may even want me to play something to do with bubbles, or manage a farm.


If, like me, you’re sick of receiving the endless requests to join games and apps that you have no interest in, here’s how to at least cut down on the requests, if not eliminate the altogether.

First, navigate to the games and apps page on Facebook (if you’re logged in this should take you straight to your page).

At the top you will see ‘Invites from Friends’ – it looks like this (I’ve removed the names on mine):

Hovering over a request will give you a little cross. Clicking on that will give you another box that looks like this:

Clicking on ‘Block [app]’ will allow you to block all future instances of this app, so you should get no more invitations. Do this for each of your invitations (it could take a while but it’s soooo worth it!) and you should see the requests cut down quite a bit.

But it’s not over yet 🙁

Scroll down and you’ll see ‘Requests from Friends’ – this is probably full of people asking for maical weapons, extra fuel and various other things from games where they need power ups to get any further. You will also see apps such as Klout, Birthday Calendar, Family Tree etc in here.

It may look a little like this:

Underneath the name of each app, will be a link that says ‘Ignore all requests for this app’ – clicking on that brings the message “You ignored 66 [name of app] requests. Do you want to block [name of app] or report it as abusive?”

Simply click on ‘block’ and you’ll receive no more requests from that app.


It’s a little time consuming if you’ve let them build up, but very much worth doing if you want to cut down in future.

Unfortunately you will still receive the odd request as your friends find new games and new apps are launched, but once you’re on top of it you can nip these in the bus by blocking them from the beginning.

Which requests from Facebook bug you the most? Has this post been helpful? Let me know in the comments please.

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  1. That’s really helpful – thanks Nikki. I’m setting off right now to hit a long list of them… 😉
    Suzan St Maur recently posted..The 10 Golden Rules of Great Business WritingMy Profile

  2. Thanks for putting the steps together in this helpful post Nikki. I had managed to find some of them by chance but didn’t have the full ‘how to’.
    Louise Barnes-Johnston recently posted..Creating Your First Digital Product to Sell on Your WebsiteMy Profile

  3. I know I am a farmville offender the problem is they create the games, so that in order to progress you need to post requests in order to pull in new blood. I know that these will be annoying to my non gaming friends and I do post every now and then directions on how to block them.

    Now perhaps I could just post this post.


  4. Wouldn’t it be a good idea if Facebook had a “Don’t Send Me ANY Game Requests” options?
    Andover IT recently posted..New Client – ProLay TilingMy Profile

  5. Danyelle Franciosa says:

    You know what I am sicken tired of skipping hundreds of games and apps request in Facebook. Glad to know that you share some good information here on how to stop receiving game and app requests in Facebook.
    Danyelle Franciosa recently posted..View bifold doors websiteMy Profile

  6. I don’t see ‘requests from friends’ when I scroll down – just ‘Apps and games’. Though as this seems to be pretty much infinite (it keeps adding new ones to the bottom as I scroll down on my admittedly very slow internet connection) it may be that ‘requests from friends’ would eventually appear underneath that.
    Andy Smith recently posted..Leadership and engagement round-up: how to cure a toxic workplaceMy Profile

  7. thanks
    very helpful

  8. Thank you, that’s really helpful

  9. ooooooo that felt sooo good! Thanks Nikki!

  10. Thank you !!!
    that was really helpfull 🙂

  11. Since I’ve received lots of requests from people who barely know me at all, I’ve always been curious to know exactly what a requester has to do to submit an app request. My hunch is that some may be generated automatically by the apps; or maybe there are incentives for users to send requests en masse to all their FB friends (no doubt with the single click of a button).

    Whatever the case may be, I find the requests somewhat amusing and choose to passively ignore them. I’ve never once accepted a Facebook app request ever, and don’t plan to anytime soon.

  12. Helpful!!!!

  13. A Big Sigh of relief! Thank you so much 🙂

  14. Edward James Attaway says:

    for me the single most annoying typ of apps on facebook are anything that has farm or ville in, and god help you if you invite me to anything with farmville in it.

  15. Thanks for this, I have wondering how to stop those Facebook game requests. Almost everyday of my life i get like a minimum of 10 requests from friends and it drives me crazy because I dont like the games that they play.
    Karena recently posted..Dragon City Game on FacebookMy Profile

  16. i like to do other things on my computer than to play ;it bores me to death ,if i liked playing games i would have been inviting not you requesting me to join you in a game ,so just leave me alone

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